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An expansion on Revelations of the Dark Mother

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Endnotes & Interpretations


These are additional notes to Revelations of the Dark Mother. Please refer to that book for page numbers and proper context.

Page: 36

* Adam and Lilith came from the True Earth and the seeds of the Trees of godhood. It might have only been natural that they return to the Trees, which were part of their physical parentage.

Bahari symbol: dragonPage: 39, 61 Reference: 12

* The Crone, if she was the First Matriarch, was likely immortal. Her presence in the Caine myth and the creation story of the Lhiannan is thus unsurprising. She appears to be a goddess. The Crone may have been cursed by Jehovah to her elderly state, as Lilith was cursed to wander. She might have simply been a form of Lilith, however.


Page: 52

* Lilith taught Eve in a few ways. Until Lilith, Eve had only known Adam sexually, and heterosexual intercourse was the only possibility for her. She might not have even been told that there was another woman in existence. Eve was awakened to a whole new world of possibilities, and she knew she wouldn't be able to keep it.

Eve came to weep because she discovered how she was created and why: she was a lesser creature. She was made because of Adam's petulance, impatience, and lust. She was made to be a beast that resembled him, to use as he used the rest of the beasts (for labor and sex).Bahari symbol: danger

Page: 54

* In his moment of realization, Adam repented his unseemly behavior. That was the first noble thing he did. Then he put his body between Eve and danger, and that was his second noble act.

Page: 55 - 56

* The curses of Jehovah on Lucifer and Lilith were rather unsettled. He gathered the Elohim to witness His compounded curse, and they said it should fall on Jehovah, Lilith, and Lucifer, who each had their defense. Originally, Jehovah said their own actions would bring about the curse. However, it seems that Jehovah was predicting the attack on D'hainu. Lucifer became "a vessel of wrath" after his wariness was down that day. He became a ceaseless killer/destroyer after the deaths of his children. Likewise, Lilith's children didn't get the chance to be part of her, as they were killed. Lilith birthed many races. And she was stung by Lucifer after their break-up, when they began to keep away from each other. Jehovah was predicting the actions of Lilith and Lucifer after the desecration of D'hainu, but not necessarily their actions before, or their actions forever.

Page: 56

* Jehovah showed His jealousy still thrived by trying to curse Lilith to love none other than Him. However, Lilith and Lucifer still loved Jehovah, despite His curse-riddled temper tantrum. They wept and begged Him to reconsider His exile out of love.Bahari symbol: serpent

Page: 61 Reference: 11

* Lilith may be associated with the Kundalini force of Tantric tradition. The Kundalini is described as the serpent energy that is coiled at the base of the spine which, when roused, gives rise to the universe and the ultimate power of creation. Such a description seems to fit here. Awakening the Kundalini force has been described as being overcome (or nearly torn in two) by a bolt of fire or electricity. It's an excruciating, divine experience, whether it is felt as pain or pleasure. It either awakens a person or drives them mad. Lilith's experiences in Revelations of the Dark Mother can thus be related to the awakening of the Kundalini.

Bahari symbol: LilithPage: 64 Reference: 32

* Lilith may also have a few links to the Tzimisce. One clue is their clan symbol, that of the serpent swallowing its tail. The serpent and dragon are sacred to Lilith. She caused the universe to move forward; in essence, to start swallowing its tail. Another clue is Lilith's reputation as a shapeshifter and the Tzimisce's clan discipline of Vicissitude, which all about changing forms. We must also remember that the Tzimisce are renowned sadomasochists and torturers, and they speak the language of pain quite fluently - as does Lilith. It would not be surprising to find that a good number of the Bahari are Tzimisce.

Page: 65 Reference: 36

* All of the mess of this realm sprang from the fact that Jehovah wished His garden to last forever - He wanted immortality to be true. In the World of Darkness, it is always a lie; it is against nature for the material to be unchanging. It seems that fear and pride that made Jehovah become obsessed with existing forever.

Page: 72Bahari symbol: Lucifer

* "I forgot to breathe, and soon no longer needed to."

This sentence lends to the theory that Kindred, being altered physically by the Blood, simply forget to breathe. It's not that the Children of Caine can't breathe, any more than Lilith couldn't. Their magically altered forms have allowed them to forget.

Page: 75

* Lilith and Lucifer shared blood, going through the motions associated with Blood Bonding. The old beliefs of the powers inherent in blood are echoed in the passage.

Bahari symbol: CainePage: 76, 77

* Lilith hated Caine, possibly because he was a concoction of the three she had left behind. Lilith did not hate Eve, however, and knew Eve in the biblical sense (pun intended) willingly. Eve didn't actively shun Lilith, either - but she did stand with Adam in the end, perhaps to give him a chance to do right by her, and perhaps out of love. Perhaps even out of fear of leaving the only constant she'd known.

Page: 77

* According to this book, no high being had died before Abel. The severity of that fact was immeasurably great.

Page: 79

* Had Lilith stayed with Adam, Caine could have been her son.

Page: 80

* Caine felt like a lesser thing, as his mother was made to be.

Page: 81, 101 Reference: 15Bahari symbol: Kindred

* Lilith knew the three angels were on their way and probably knew how Caine would react. She might not have foreseen the attack on D'hainu due to a lack of awareness. She might have foreseen it and let it happen to learn from the pain.

Page: 88

* The tale tries to explain the legendary secrecy of Alamut, the Assamite clan stronghold, by saying that the Assamite Antediluvian stole the secrets of D'hainu. On one hand, the Assamites have a long history of sorcery and could have easily devised magic to hide Alamut. On the other hand, their unique method of hiding the place could come from D'hainu; that might explain why others have not developed the same power over time.

* An interesting question presents itself: What did Caine think of Nosferatu and Toreador being so merciful to Lilith?Bahari symbol: humans

Page: 89, 90

* The reference to dust (and ashes) may correspond to Genesis 3:19 "...for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

Page: 90, 122 Reference: 8

* There were the broken worlds, but there was no use for a hell before the attack on D'hainu. Not many generations had passed, though no accurate passage of time is indicated. We may take it that, with Caine already having childer or grandchilder, enough time passed for Adam, Eve, and Seth to be dead.

And there was no use for a place of eternal torture, for who would warrant it, let alone be the source of it? After the attack on D'hainu, Lucifer's hate for the get of Adam and Eve was sealed. Lucifer became an instrument of wrath, and in his torment he went away to make his own garden.

It seems that the garden Lucifer created was hell, a place to bring the pain he felt into being. His agony and rage became the punishment of any child of Adam that happened to end up there. The only comfort Lucifer could find for his grief was in throwing himself into his new purpose. Bahari symbol: moon

Page: 90

* In The Book of Nod, the archangel Michael curses Caine to fear the sun. In Revelations of the Dark Mother, Lucifer curses Caine with daylight, but Lilith curses Caine and his brood to "the agony of night." This is significant because, between these two curses, the children of Caine are left with no place to hide or to be safe. The sun brings physical destruction but the night brings pain - the pain of being a vampire. These curses are also related to Lucifer's ties to the sun and Lilith's relation to the moon.

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