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Changeling Fonts

Fonts: Intro - Vampire

      The fonts on this page are arranged by alphabetical order.  The samples will give you an idea of how they look and what they were used for.  The dark green samples indicate fonts that are used in Changeling: the Lost, while the lighter-hued samples show fonts that were used in Changeling: the Dreaming.  But keep in mind that Boyd Uncial was used in both games, and other fonts might also be reused.

Name / Download
Bernhard Modern TTF
Bloody TTF
Boyd Uncial TTF
Caslon Antique TTF
Channel Tuning IL TTF
Chelsea TTF
Flower Regular TTF
Gaiseric Demo TTF
Merlin TTF
Mickey TTF
Nocker Cranky TTF
Ondine TTF
Pisan TTF
RabbitEars TTF
Rackham TTF
Rackham Italic TTF
Ruben TTF
Satyr Passionate TTF
Scythe TTF
Sluagh Creepy TTF
Solemnity TTF
SonyannaScript TTF
Troll Oathbound TTF
Umber TTF
University Roman TTF

Zombie TTF

WW Changeling Bats TTF

      All of these fonts are the properties of their respective creators; none of them are of my own design.  No infringement of anyone's rights is intended.

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