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This site is fan-created and is meant to support a game that has had a great impact on me and many other roleplayers.  It is in no way a challenge to anyone's copyrights or trademarks and all efforts have been made to give due credit to all sources.  Any errors will be gladly corrected.

Authors of individual articles are credited with their work and any contact information has been left intact (though it could be out of date).

I am glad to have found such a fitting web site template at FullMoon - it really does cover a lot of the flavor of the World of Darkness in one fell swoop. 

Any individual pieces of artwork I use are credited where they appear. 

I use some World of Darkness symbols rendered by LdyMox

Uncredited clan symbols on this site are images I made myself and if you'd like to use them somewhere, feel free - just upload them to your own web space first. 

If anyone would like to donate graphics to this site, go ahead and contact me - if I use them, you will receive credit, thanks, and a link. 

I did not create any of the fonts available on the fonts page; they all belong to their respective creators and no infringements of their rights is intended.