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     Since the early 1990s, White Wolf has published hundreds of books and made use of many distinctive typefaces.  Sometimes fonts help to set the mood; the Dark Ages books feature a number of antique or old-style fonts.  Other times fonts help to identify a type of supernatural creature - the Malkavian title font, for instance, has letters that lean drunkenly, while the Darkling title font looks like the letters are vanishing.  And it doesn't matter if you're a fan of the new or the old World of Darkness, because the fonts are excellent on their own.  A number of fans have gone about tracking and collecting the fonts White Wolf has used, and some offer them so that fans can use them for things like character sheets. 

      The collection I'm offering here was not made by yours truly; I just rounded them up from available sources.  I've decided to offer as many fonts as I can, from both the old and new World of Darkness lines, and I've tried to divide them up by the game line for easier browsing.  Some fonts, however, were used in multiple products, so you might have to search on more than one page.  You should also keep in mind that there are some fonts that are nearly identical to others, like Boyd Uncial and Meath.  In such a case, I only provide one of the fonts instead of both.  Since I know how important it is to see what you're about to download, I provide a sample of each font.  You will need a program, like WinRar, that can unpack .rar files.  You will have to manually unpack these files and drop them into your Windows fonts folder.  I'm sorry that I can't offer Mac versions, but there is conversion software available on the net.

      Below is the font I use on this web site to set the mood and make it look better.  Once you've installed it, you can reload the site to see the change.

                            Ruben TTF

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