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Vampire Disciplines

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In Vampire: the Masquerade, disciplines are magical powers developed by Cainites. They're arranged in levels, usually on a scale from one to ten, with tenth-level powers being the most rare and powerful. Only vampires with lower generations can learn disciplines of sixth level or higher; high generation vampires just don't have enough power in their blood to do so. Each clan has three clan disciplines that members can learn with greater ease; characters don't usually need a teacher to develop them and players pay fewer XP for them.

Some disciplines are more common than others but some clans have unique ones. For instance, the Tzimisce have Animalism and Auspex in common with other clans, but they developed Vicissitude on their own. Some are more willing to share their unique disciplines than others. The Tremere are notable for seeking to kill any vampires who use blood magic, even if it isn't based in Thaumaturgy, their unique clan discipline.

While mages, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures also possess extraordinary powers, they each develop their own kind of magic. When vampires feed mortals their blood and create ghouls, their ghouls automatically develop the first level of Potence and gain the ability to learn other disciplines, though it's more difficult and costly for them to do so.

For quick summaries of official disiplines, see Vampire Disciplines in Brief.


Clan Disipline Powers


Combination Disciplines


Combination Discipline Strategies
Several combination discipline powers

Combination Disciplines II
SMore combination discipline powers

Animalism Rituals
Combo power using Protean and the revised version of Animalism

Annihilating the Fall
Combo power using Potence and Fortitude

Avoidance of Alternation
Combo power using Vicissitude and Fortitude

Commute the Remnant Spirit
Combo power using Auspex, Dominate, and Presence


Discipline Expansions for Malkavians
Applications and expansions of Malkavian disciplines

Exerting the Shadows Will
Combo power using Obtenebration and Dominate

Glimpse into the Past
Combo power using Temporis and Auspex

Rhythm of the Altered Flesh
Combo power using Vicissitude and Auspex

Sense of Shadows
Combo power using Obtenebration and Auspex


Sex & Death
Combo power using Potence and Necromancy

Shadow Spike
Combo power using Obtenebration and Fortitude

Supernatural Enhancements
Several combo powers using Vicissitude for body enhancements

Supplant the Flesh's Soul
Combo power using Vicissitude and Auspex

The Beast in Mind
Combo power using Animalism and Auspex

Two Become One
Combo power using Sanguinus and Vicissitude


New Disciplines

Manipulate living materials right down to DNA

The Infernal discipline of the Abishai clan

A Caitiff discipline based on the social prowess of vampires in popular fiction

Gangrel Runic Sorcery
Ancient rune magic of the viking Gangrel

The ability to command light, possessed by the Disciples of Horus

The power of psychometry expanded and enhanced


A constant-effect discipline that augments dexterity

Become one with and control a computer or network

A discipline of self-healing, developed by a Pander

The gift of teleportation and speedy travel

Sidhe Misterium
The gift of second sight and conjuration

A discipline concerned with increased speed


The Thaumaturgy-like discipline of the Missionariat Bloodline

The discipline that proves that looks can kill

The water-based discipline of the Children of Aquarius Bloodline

The power to control, enhance, transfer or obliterate memories

Vamping Out
An Inceptor discipline affecting physical capabilities

A Caitiff discipline based on the physical prowess of popular fiction vampires



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