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I've added a lot more image galleries and images. If you like them, feel free to use them in games, posts, and the like, so long as what you make is free!


Tonight, I added my first image galleries to this site! I've been making AI art lately in the hopes of sharing with the community. If you want to use any of the pieces I made in free games or products, feel free; mentioning who made them is nice but not required. I'll be adding more as time permits.

I still need to finish converting the last pages here to the new format, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to.


I've finished updating all of the Sanguinus Curae disciplines except for the "brand new" ones (the entirely unique disciplines created by fans and published on that site in the first decade of the 2000s). They're also available in Google Docs.


All new discipline powers created for Sanguinus Curae have been updated and put in Google Docs (Animalism through Visceratika). Now onto the combo disciplines!


All new discipline powers created for Sanguinus Curae have been updated to the new site format and put in a downloadable Google Doc through Thaumaturgy. I still have a good ways to go, but I'm getting there.


After referencing my pages on the revamped sects we use in our games (Curia, Plague, and Setites) while we played last weekend, I went in and updated their structure so they're each laid out in the same way. I also rewrote a lot of the Curia because of how wordy it was. I hope this makes them all more accessible.


All Sanguinus Curae new discipline powers through Obtenebration are converted to the new site format. They've also been formatted and offered via Google Docs, for those who wish to download them. If you visit the disciplines section, you'll see that I have a long way to go before I've completed them all, but this isn't a bad start.


After clearing some things off my plate, I've gotten back around to updating this site. There are still a decent number of pages to convert, but I'm whittling away at them and creating Google Docs for them as I go, so it will be easy to download and use things in your games. So far, I'm quite pleased with the results. It's just taking longer than I'd like (as usual). Never fear! Eventually, I'll get it all done, and the whole site will be better for it.


I've been buried in work lately but got around to updating half of the fiction on this site tonight. I saw some engaging ideas as I converted the short stories, and I had a lot of fun reading the noir piece "Downpour." Be sure to check it out!


I finally (finally!) finished updating all of the clan pages to the new format! They're all available in formatted Google Docs, as well, for easy downloading and printing. Feel free to visit them and let me know if there's anything out of place.


I'll admit, I've been a dog with a bone when it comes to Virtue and Vice. It's been stewing in the back of my mind for years and has recently come to the forefront when I have spare moments to think about gaming. After reviewing the system in a new way a couple weeks ago, I've gone back and completely revamped my Virtues and Vices on this site. I've entirely reframed what they are and how they work, added detailed suggestions for ways that players and Storytellers can employ them, and given guidelines on how to create new ones. I rewrote my selection of generic Virtues and Vices so they fall more in line with the new premises, and I came up with original Virtues and Vices for an urban American 1980s chronicle. It was a lot of fun to consider mechanics for the era of my girlhood, and I hope it serves as a strong example of how Virtues and Vices can be shaped to fit a Storyteller's vision and needs.

The prior version of my Virtues and Vices page is more closely aligned with what's in the 1e World of Darkness books, and it's still available in Google Docs (it's now called version 1.0). Version 2.0 is live on this site and also available in Google Docs. I hope the discussion and examples inspire you, whether or not you decide to use them in your games. I know that all of this has inspired me deeply and brought out many thoughts related to gaming and real life that I'll be mulling over in the future.


The site revamp has continued in bursts behind the scenes, and even I'm strapped for time and energy, I found myself finally able to write something. Although I like things about it, the Virtue and Vice system has bothered me for a while. Previously, I just revamped the lists I used but left much of the system intact, and that seemed to work well enough. But after a conversation with a player, it got stuck in my craw again. I've been trying to figure out why and what else I want to do instead, so I wrote about it. I also came up with various methods to try. I don't expect it to be something most people worry about in their games, but I like to offer options. I hope to give Storytellers something to think about, if nothing else.


Thanks to some sleep loss, I wasn't able to concentrate on much today - but I did convert a nice chunk of pages about vampire clans into the new format, complete with downloadables. I'm over half way through the clan pages, with only the Ventrue and unique clans left. Then, I'll move on to disciplines (of which, there are over 100 pages of content to convert). I hope that whoever happens upon this site will enjoy the new layout and increased accessibility.


I promise that I haven't forgotten about this site. I've been working on it slowly but surely, converting pages, standardizing options, redoing generators and downloadable documents, picking new art, and so on. I've been pulled in many other directions, so it's taking a while, but it'll get done, by and by.

Recently, I updated my goblin market and merchant generators (and the Google Worksheets version). I've also added document for recording and fleshing out changeling Courts. I hope these are useful for other Storytellers, and I'll be using the newest versions, myself.


Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning and start over from scratch. I learned that when I revamped my D&D site, and even though it took me a long time to get everything set up for it, I was very happy with the results.

I started to redo this site last year but realized I wanted to do better, and I just didn't have it in me in the chaos that was 2020. So this weekend, I went back to square one and spent time with the code and graphics. And now that I have a whole new template to work from, I've started converting pages and am enjoying the process. It may take months for me to get everything that's already on the site up to date, but it's underway.

This site isn't current with V5 and probably never will be, but it still has a lot to offer for old fans and NWoD fans alike, and it's as much a time capsule as a living, developing creature. Working on it is like visiting an old friend - the ghost of gaming past, if you will. It's something that soothes me and I look forward to making every inch of it a better place.


The big news today is that I've uploaded my huge revamp of oneiromancy (now called oneironautics), which covers dreamwork for changelings and other supernaturals. I've also updated my goblin fruit guide's rules while I was working on its layout. If you use any of the rules I've made, I would love to hear how they worked out for you.

I've also been adding to the art I share here and working on clear, consistent attributions. The art pieces here are for inspiration. They remind me of World of Darkness concepts, but they aren't made for this site and they don't have anything to do with the WoD (unless otherwise stated). Some artists are generous enough to give permission for others to share some of their works, and I hope that if you have a gaming project, you'll consider sending some work their way.


You may have noticed that my old fonts pages have been MIA lately. Never fear! I have updated them for the modern era and they are available again for your viewing pleasure.


I recently revised and expanded my article on What to Do With Changeling: the Lost, since I've heard many people struggle to wrap their minds around how the game is supposed to be set up and played.


In addition to site tweaks, I've added an article I wrote for fun not too long ago and then promptly forgot to post: The Ketch's Guide to Fetches. It's an in-character overview of fetches from the point of view of an experienced Jack Ketch (a changeling who hunts them). He sets up common personality archetypes, reviews motivations and red flags, and discusses his opinions on the process of deciding how much danger a fetch really poses. There are also Storyteller notes about sources of inspiration and some new fetch mechanics. I know it doesn't cover everything and no one asked me for it, but I learned a lot from writing it. I hope it's fun to read and may be of use to someone. I may add to it later, if more occurs to me. Although I have very little free time or extra energy lately, it's been soothing to think of gaming matters and work on this site.


The sitewide update continues slowly due to work demands, but it has spread through many of the files here. I will continue to add different art pieces, as well, thanks to artists who allow them to be reposted with credit. I'm very grateful for all of them!

I am happy to report that a number of articles have been made available via formatted Google docs and sheets, which should make them easier for you to use and refer to! Eventually, everything here will be in that format, and PDFs will be things of the past.

I discovered an embarrassing number of errors in my old WoD location worksheets, so I fixed them up.

I finally finished setting up my freehold creation worksheets, a project which had languished for far too long. I overhauled the page which gives advice about starting new freeholds, as well.


The update continues, slowly but surely! I have also been updating Google sheets so they are consistent and easy to navigate. I've fixed a few broken links that I've found while sorting through the mess.

While updating, I realized that I needed to rewrite a good chunk of my revamped Followers of Set, so the latest version is available now.

I have also posted The Plague, which rounds out the trio of the main three vampire sects we developed to use in our games at home.


This site has been woefully out of date, scraping by with sporadic updates and no major changes, for too long. I have started the process of updating the entire thing so that it is more mobile-friendly. I will be converting many offerings here into Google docs and sheets so you can download them and adjust them easily, according to your needs. Unlike a number of people who are out of work at this time, I am still in the saddle at my day jobs, so it will take some time to complete everything I have planned for this site. Please be patient, and hopefully, the results will speak for themselves.

In the meantime, I have added the writeup for a vampire sect I call the Curia and developed with my now-husband; along with the revamped Setites and a sect that will be posted soon (the Plague), these are what we use when we run our very homebrewed WoD games.


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