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      I've put up the combination disciplines from the Sanguinus Curae files. In other news, a PDF book I worked on this summer for the Pathfinder roleplaying game has been released, and it's chock full of aasimar, tiefling, and elemental templates! Check it out!


      I've put up a new changeling trifle Michael was kind enough to submit and some kiths I've been brewing for a while. Now that I have an actual kiths page, I just want to fill it up with some of the great ones I've seen floating in the ether out there.

      Real life has been so very hectic that finding time to work on things here has been - well, you can tell, I'm sure. I'm hoping to do more soon, since I've had other submissions to add and material I've been itching to write, like yet another ode to Vampire: the Masquerade for its 20th anniversary. I've got the PDF of the book already but haven't had much of an opportunity to delve into it...yet!


      A new changeling merit is available! Due to real life overscheduling, the conversion of the last Sanguinus Curae pages is going slowly, but I have not forgotten about all the content I intend to put up here.


       The disciplines section from Sanguinus Curae is in the process of being converted. I've got some of it up right now and I aim to have the rest done as soon as I'm able. Happy New Year, everyone!


       After many delays and difficulties, I have put up the last of the clan pages from the late Sanguinus Curae (the Tremere and Ventrue articles, respectively).


       I have added new pages from the late, great Sanguinus Curae in the clans section. I have also put up printable versions of most of the ancient ways section, and added some printable versions of the materials in the character section.

       I know that people have found their way to my site looking for the old Sanguinus Curae materials and I am dedicated to getting everything up. I am also looking forward to making so much of what's available here print-ready for your convenience. So bear with me, and I will make good!


       I have put up a tool I developed to help people detail their characters - the character palette. If you would like to know how and why I made it, or if you would like to give some feedback, head over to the discussions on my Facebook group.


       I added a user submission, Contracts of Music, as well as my first attempt at a token, Belle's Mirror. I've also put up the character sheet and background for Juliette Snow, a character I'm going to get to play this weekend. It's been a long time since I've been able to play (or game at all, or with a new group), so I am stoked! I've finished up a brief article on changeling abductions that I started some time ago, but forgot to finish. This is only the start of the articles I want to write to help people explore and understand Changeling: the Lost.


       Here's to a new month!  I've updated the section on clans, integrating my old writeups with Sanguinus Curae's articles.  There are more articles on the way, in that section and others, so stay tuned.


       I have added some fiction that I recently developed on my blog, and I also added the goblin fruit on my blog to the changeling creations page.


       I have added links to some nWoD character generators.  One of them, the Vault of Darkness, can export to HTML and produced the character sheet on my fiction for Sidney Black.  I've also been updating my blog with a regularity that surprises me.

       Unfortunately, I have had some computer troubles lately (and the things I'd like to do to the people who produce malware and trojans, you don't even want to know).  While those get sorted out, my updates will be sporadic but they will happen.


       I have added a section from Sanguinus Curae on building Vampire characters.  While the thirty one articles were written with Masquerade in mind, they might provide food for thought for Requiem.


       I've been adding links the last few days, slowly but surely.  I'd like to find a lot more resources to add, but I'm not doing too badly.


       I have put up an article on defining locations as a Storyteller, focusing on common pitfalls and a method for making places unique.  I have also added my location worksheet for cities, towns, neighborhoods.  Instead of just posting the sheet, I give some explanation for what's on there and I give an example of how it can be filled out.  The advice might be something you've heard before, but I can say that the worksheet has helped me so far.


       I have been working on adding user submissions to the Changeling Creations page and I moved the creations to their own folder.  (And thanks to the people who've submitted things!)  I'm also working on an article that's not quite done yet, but it's getting there.  I hope to have it up in the next few days. 


       I added my first Changeling submission, Contracts of Ink (and its printable version) by ophidimancer!  I also reworked the Changeling Creations page. 


       I added a couple of pieces of art today, namely here and here.  I've also added a form on the links page, in case people have links they want to submit.  There's no way I can find all the goods on the internet by myself.

      The major update this time is the form that I added to the Changeling Creations page.  I don't know if it will sit there unused, or if people will be willing to share what they've made, but I'm hoping to become a resource for Changeling: the Lost.  I really liked the way that sites like Sanguinus Curae arranged submissions in a central location that was easy to browse; forums and wikis just don't provide that.  I would also like to continue, as they did, to provide printable copies for easy use during games.  So here goes nothin'.

       I'vegot a couple of things on the back burner that'll have to wait a little longer, but they should be up soon.


       Slowly but surely, I am integrating more material from Sanguinus Curae.  Tonight, I have been able to add the Storytelling section for Vampire.  I have thrown some of my own articles into the mix and restructured it a little bit.  Thus, there's a section for articles that are helpful for running vampires in a more general sense.  The rest of the sections focus on Vampire: the Masquerade.  I have also restructured the links to your left to accomodate the new material and to flow better in terms of ideas.


       With the gracious permission of the ladies at Sanguinus Curae, I have started the process of reposting articles from their now-defunct web site, which shut down at the start of this year.  So far I have been able to convert their fiction and their articles on the ancient ways of vampires.  Their site was up for a decade, so I will have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am glad for the opportunity.


       I have managed to upload a freehold worksheet PDF, which I sat down and plotted out just recently.  It helped me with a freehold for my game, so I thought it might help other folks, too.  Nin was awesome and made an editable version.  I have also set up the goblin market costs as a PDF, and I have activated for easy reference. 


       Welcome to 2010!  I have added an introduction to Changeling: the Lost, with much more to follow.  I have also removed a number of dead links and tried to add as many new ones.


       I added a number of links, and if you have any I should know about, please let me know.  I also started a blog for all of the bits and pieces I'd like to write but don't have the time to spin into full articles.  I'm not sure if I like it or not, but we'll see.


       I have apparently built up to a huge update today.  I added a whole seciton for Changeling: the Lost, as well as a number of things I have created for that game.  I expanded my lists of derangements, adding a section for New World of Darkness derangements.


       For a while, I've been thinking about what makes a vampire a vampire, particularly when hearing people complain about Twilight.  It's not like I'm innocent of raising my eyebrows and saying, "Vampires shouldn't sparkle."  But I've found myself stopping and realizing that vampires are more humane and less monstrous in different milieus.  I mean, Bram Stoker's Dracula could walk in the daylight and looked like a gentleman, not a walking corpse.  The vampires of True Blood can be nice to humans and even take mortal lovers they seem to value, but I wouldn't necessarily call them weak.  Is complete emotional detachment required for them to be awesome?  Or can they have sex with mortals and eat them too?

      With this in mind, I put up an article on the common aspects of a vampire, from the need for blood to their weakness to sunlight.  I wanted to take these things apart to look at them, with an eye toward how I will use vampires in the future.

      I also moved some things around.  Most things will not be noticed, but I did put all information about the details of Cainites on one page.


       Another new article in a month - I must be on a roll.  (Actually, I've taken a little time to write and I've been loving it.)  Tonight's article is about Sires and Progeny, specifically focusing on the reasons Kindred sire.  It's not as utterly complete as I'd like it to be but it's close.  I'm tempted to do quick examples for each major reason, drawn from the PCs and NPCs I've seen over the years, but that'll have to wait.  There are other articles burning a hole in my keyboard.


       Over the last few days I have taken a bit of time to write about World of Darkness settings, particularly as they're chosen at the start of a chronicle.  I've also reworked the site's navigation, as you can see to the left.


       It has been quite some time since I've done a substantial update here, and that indicates a few things.  First, real life has become quite hectic and I've had less time and energy for web site updates all around.  I really miss being able to sit for a few hours and just write about the games that have been so much fun.  I am trying to get back into updating, even if it means I only get to write a few paragraphs at a time.  Secondly, it's been a little while since I played or ran a World of Darkness game regularly.  In 2006, I ran a very successful Dark Ages game that I would like to get back to.  In 2007, I played in a spectacular Changeling: the Lost game (played in the setting but with oWoD rules).  And then, in 2008, much of my world fell apart.  I tried feebly to start a Vampire game and then realized I needed time to recover.  I have been reading books and working on things behind the scenes in fits and starts.  I ran D&D in 2009, but I would like to return to the World of Darkness in 2010.

      With that in mind, I would like to share my efforts and difficulties here.  I will be learning and using the New World of Darkness system for the first time, and there are a number of things that I will be trying that I am not used to.  I hope to report on what works, speculate on what doesn't, and inspire myself further by writing here.  I don't know if anyone will read it and right now I don't care.  I just want to do it and enjoy it.

      Today, I updated the site's home page so that it wasn't such a lengthy treatise on the history of the game.  I also added a new page on the setting of the World of Darkness and what it means for players to interact with it.  I found myself using examples from our Changeling game and I think I'm going to continue to do so as I go along, not only because they help to illustrate ideas but because they also make me smile.


       I fixed the fonts on the Vampire fonts page,  since they were linked improperly.  (One of the bad things about running a site by yourself is that you've got no one else to blame when something like that happens.)  I also added quite a few links to my links page.  I added some resources I found while prepping for my Vampire: the Dark Ages game, as well as some places I've gone for character names and portraits. 


       I added several fonts to the Changeling page. 


       I added several fonts from Dark Ages and Kindred of the East to the Vampire Fonts page. 


       I am in the process of updating and expanding my selection of fonts.  I am enlarging my focus to include fonts from other White Wolf games, including the new ones.  Right now VtM, CtD, and CtL fonts are available.  More will follow.


       I've completely rewritten my page on the anarchs, with a new format and new information all around.  It's the sect that I've had the hardest time placing in my own mind but I've come to understand them a lot more.  I'm hoping to rewrite a whole lot more here but I can't promise a deadline or anything like that.  I'm slacking off studying as it is.  Speaking of which...


       I hadn't been thinking of renovating this site when suddenly I decided to give it a go this weekend.  About this time last year, I'd started to rewrite my Vampire information to make it cleaner, meaner, and altogether more interesting.  I approached it in a methodical way, perhaps too methodical, but ran out of time before I could complete the changes.  I'm thinking that might end up being a good thing.  Not only have I done some new writing here, but I'm broadening this site to encompass more of what I've been doing.  My Dark Ages game is currently on hiatus but I've been working on making it better, and preparing to make it bigger (it is poised on the edge of the Black Death).  I've also been working on a whole new project - a city in which I can run any game I want.  I've been very concerned with place and characters, and I want to share more of my meanderings in a productive fashion.  So this site is now "Kismet's World of Darkness," and I look forward to doing more with it.


       I have added a few new links and some polls to the links page today, and I'll be adding more polls in the near future.  I'm hoping against hope to find time to write this week so I can finish one of the pages I've been working on.  In the meantime, I've reduced the sizes of just about all of the image files on this site and made a few minor adjustments to make things look right on all browsers.


       When I first started this site I had all the time in the world, or so it seems from my current vantage point.  I was also filled with inspiration, so I would pound out the pages in a white heat and put them up right away, without any editing and largely without any further substantial alteration.  But recently I have reconnected with Vampire after a very long break from it and I've started to look over my old writings carefully.  They have the heart but not the quality that I always hoped for - so I've decided to start all over again, and over my holiday break I have grabbed what time I could to do just that.

       My original goal was to completely rework this site from the ground up, every page, every morsel, and to have it ready by the dawn of the new year.  I started with the graphics, since I wanted people to think of Vampire from their first glance.  I am by no means proficient but I did the best I could, keeping things as simple as possible.  Then I wrote as much as I was able and though I am still far from done, I've made good headway.  Even though major sections of this site are under construction, I feel that it has a hell of a lot more information than it did before, and certainly a better, more coherent presenation.  I have found, however, that there were a few bits that only required some revising - not many, but a few - so I relaxed my initial goal a little bit.  I also discovered that I was not going to have as much hobby time or energy during my break as I thought I would, so I have been getting used to the thought of debuting this site in an unfinished state. 

      All in all, this site will be about 98% new material and I will add to as much as possible in the following weeks.  Truth be told, a finished web site is usually a dead web site, an archive more than an interactive experience.  For a long time this site stood dormant and dead.  It's time for it to rise again.

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