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Storytelling in the World of Darkness

"...but there is a price to be paid for all good places,
and a price that all good places have to pay."
-- Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere

An Introduction
A personal introduction to the milieu, and how gamers can grab hold of it
  Setting Considerations
Choices to make about the setting
Defining Places
How to make locations come to life
  Location Worksheet
A worksheet for creating sites, neighborhoods, and cities
What I've Learned from Play by Email
Observations on running and playing the WoD through email
  The Sands of Time - A God Machine Chronicle Scenario
A local GMC scenario involving relics and mummies
God-Machine Chronicle: The Resurrection Equation
Options for bringing supernatural characters back from death
  Drugs in the World of Darkness
Optional in-depth rules for drugs and their effects in WoD games


Building World of Darkness Characters

Kit: They weren't human. They were monsters.
Sister Jude: All monsters are human. You're a monster.
-- American Horror Story: Asylum

Many things go into creating a fully realized character for a World of Darkness game. The materials here are meant to make that job easier, or at the very least more interesting.

Character Palette
An odd tool to use to develop a character in-depth
An index for derangments in old and new World of Darkness sources
Kismet's Virtues and Vices
A new lineup of Virtues and Vices, blending new WoD and God-Machine methods
  World of Darkness Fonts
A selection of typefaces used in old and new World of Darkness books


New World of Darkness Fiction

The Last Dance of Darling Nikki, Part I
Fetch Tales, Part 3: Awakening
Fetch Tales, Part 2: The Stories We Shouldn't Share
Fetch Tales, Part 1: An Afternoon at the Mall
The Curious Case of Sidney Black
Morlan's Books & Curiosities: Whitlock


Old World of Darkness Fiction

The Prince's Wake
Gangrel: About the Clan of the Beast
And It Was Good
by: Belladonna
And It Was Good Part II
by: Belladonna
Street Gang Encounter
Blood of a Toreador
Clan Lasombra's Court of Blood
Christina: Searching for Jason
Christina: Searching for Jason Part II
Reclaiming: Brenda's Story
Reclaiming: Brenda's Story Part II
And you call me Mad
by: Helix
Slow Burn
Slow Burn Part II
Sacred Mirror
Sacred Mirror Part II
Christina: Searching for Jason Continued
Christina: Searching for Jason Con't Part II



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