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Belle's Mirror

"Reflect in your heart for me, and I will reflect for you."
-- La belle et la bête, 1946


Two Dot Version

Changelings recognize Belle's mirror as a thing of beauty, a flawless looking glass surrounded by woven Heartbriar (a viny growth that develops heart-shaped flowers used in changeling love potions). The mirror is generally 13 x 13 inches, in the shape of a heart.

The user must be able to stare into the glass fully for a turn while clearly recalling the face of someone they genuinely love. The mirror will then reveal the target and their current state, as well as anything within 20 feet of the target, so long as they are on the material plane. The perspective can be shifted like the user was panning with a video camera, but only within line of sight. The scene fades after thirteen minutes, and the mirror will only work once per day. Typically, those being spied on are none the wiser, but the user's fetch will know that they are being watched.

Action: Instant.

Mein: All blemishes on the mirror fade when it is activated, and the frame tends to gleam mellowly. It takes on weight, as though it has an ornate frame. Those near an active mirror might catch a scent or a sound from the scene inside. Mortals may feel unaccountable sadness or happiness while looking into it or handling it directly.

Drawback: The emotional effects of the mirror are overwhelming. For the next day, the user suffers from severe anxiety (see page 98 of the World of Darkness core rulebook).

Catch: Watching a loved one from afar in the mirror is always distressing, no matter what is being viewed. For the next day, the user suffers from a -1 penalty on rolls to resist the anxiety.

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