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Changeling: the Lost Index

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As a game based on dreams, myths, and faerie tales, Changeling: the Lost is incredibly inspiring.  You can look at nearly anything in our world and translate it, and that kind of variation keeps the game unpredictable and exciting.  And just when you think you've see it all, someone else will create something you haven't thought of.  The bits and bobs below might give your game that extra something. Everything here was created by me unless otherwise noted, and I always give due credit to submissions!

Tangled Fates: Playing the Game

An Introduction to the Game
Learn about the basic premise and books for the game here!

What to Do With Changeling: the Lost
What should changelings do with their lives? Let's find out.

First Contact with the True Fae
There are many ways to encounter the True Fae?

Six Masks
A redesign of seeming blessings and curses.

A Hundred Cousins
A compendium of additional kiths.

Kismet's Kith Revamp
A complete redesign of kiths.

A gathering of new merits for changelings.

A collection of new changeling flaws.

The Seasonal Courts
Variant Mantle benefits for each one of the seasonal courts.

The Thikana of Dreams
Meet in dreams for the ultimate party.

The Ketch's Guide to Fetches
An in-character guide to hunting fetches, with Storyteller notes.

A collection of tokens.

A collection of trifles.

Goblin Fruit and Oddments
New varieties of Hedge flora.


From the Thorns: Storytelling Changeling

Bound in Dreams: Freehold Tools
Worksheets and a generator for creating freeholds.

The Thousand Courts: Court Tools
Worksheets and a generator for creating Courts.

Bought & Broken: Goblin Markets
Generators for goblin markets and merchants, and a guide to costs.

Goblin Fruit Guide
Extended rules for finding, harvesting, tending, and transplanting goblin fruit.

Kismet's Oneironautics
A complete overhaul of oneiromancy and Skeinwalking rules.

A Peter Pan Prelude
Notes for running a prelude (and perhaps more) in Neverland.

Motor City Breakdown
Detroit as a Changeling: the Lost setting.


The Worst of Times: Victorian Lost

Kismet's Review of Victorian Lost
My review of the book.

A Victorian Timeline
Discoveries and struggles from 1891-1901.

Yellow Smoke: London Fog in the WoD
The effects of the infamous smog.

Common Victorian Locations
Damnation City-style Victorian locations.

Damnation City for a Victorian Game
Advised alterations to places.

Modified Skills for the Era
Advised changes to skills in historic games

Thematic Kiths
A selection of nineteenth century kiths.

Fairy Soap: A Trifle
A soap that really makes you feel fresh.

Imperials: An Oddment
An impressive wearable.

The Wayfarer's Pass Token
Get "free" passage on mass transit.

Victorian Links


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