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Merit: Contract Negotiator (_________) ●●●●

By: Nightstorm

Your character has learned the art of the deal and is now able to extend one of the contracts he has learned. Once per day when he has used the specified contract without invoking the catch, the changeling can activate Contract Negotiator, which allows him to use that contract again without paying any further glamour. (Any other requirements, such as Willpower, must still be met.) He can then avoid paying glamour costs for that contract up to a number times per day equal to his Wyrd. The contract must be an affinity contract and the merit must be applied to one specific contract when it is purchased.

For example, the Darkling Azazel acquires Contract Negotiator (Darkness). He uses the fourth clause of Contracts of Darkness (Boon of the Scuttling Spider) and spends the required glamour even if he has met the catch (climbing stone or wood walls at night). Since Azazel has a Wyrd of 3, he can use any of his Contracts of Darkness 3 times without paying any additional glamour during the next 24 hours. Azazel can only use this merit on Contracts of Darkness and must still pay Willpower costs.

If he wanted to use Contract Negotiator for another contract, such as one of his court contracts or a universal affinity contract (like Contracts of Hours), he would have to buy the merit again for each of them.

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