Six Masks - Variant Seeming Blessings and Curses

By: KismetRose @ Kismet's World of Darkness

Part of my ongoing love affair with 1st edition Changeling: the Lost involves balancing and standardizing many aspects of the rules. The Seemings, as originally written, vary wildly in strength, abilities, and pitfalls. This can be perfectly acceptable in character but can throw group and game dynamics out of whack. Since I prefer the concept of Seemings in 1st edition, however, I would rather tweak them than wait for 2nd edition to be released.

Elementals, for instance, receive only one blessing (being able to boost Health) which is supposed to hold up to the three different blessings Beasts receive. On the other hand, Fairest only suffer from a greater chance of losing Clarity. If you're in a game in which Clarity isn't rolled often then they essentially have no curse, and certainly not when compared with the many rolls on which Elementals do not gain 10 again.

I have reworked the blessings so that each Seeming gains the same number and comparable types, but they are kept thematically distinct. Each Seeming also has two types of dream maneuvers that it is better at performing, which hopefully will encourage players to engage in dreamwork (such a fascinating part of the game!).

I have also brought the curses in line with one another. Now, changelings suffer if they do not spend time on a regular basis reconnecting with what they became in Arcadia. No matter how far they run, they cannot escape the urge to recreate some part of their Durance (though nothing says it has to be the worst parts). There are optional, skill-based curses that can be added to each Seeming, as well, in the event that the new, standard curse is not powerful enough for one's taste.

Additionally, I have finally finished a Seeming that I have wanted to add for years: the Automata. I've appreciated other people's efforts to create a Seeming for changelings that were built out of inorganic pieces, like the Mechanicals, but they never quite suited my purposes. The Seemiing below is the closest I've come to having something that I am satisfied with using in my games.

Now that I'm done fine-tuning each one, we will be converting characters in our Changeling games and playtesting them when we can. If you decide to use them and see how they play out, please send me an email and tell me how it went.


By Kismet Rose

Automata are the toy soldiers, puppets, and robots of dreams. They are taken apart and reassembled by their Keepers until objects are permanent parts of their bodies. Clockwork gears, clicking joints, mechanized hearts, and other additions serve to make Automata feel as though they are only half human. Some of them are changed in order to serve as particular objects in Arcadian realms, while others are altered so that they can better understand the machines they are expected to tend. Many show signs of older technologies, like steam power, but just as many include signs of modern computerization and even futuristic tech showcased in films. Most of them were closer to objects than people before being abducted, either physically, mentally, or emotionally.

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