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Entitlement: The Thikana of Dreams

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This Halloween

"this Halloween" by la-sera is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0




A jeweled and multicolored hookah with curling smoke coming out of it. Within the smoke is a fantastic scene, usually of a palace.


Rani (Sara), Thakur/Thakurani (permanent members), Rana (temporary members)


Wyrd 2


Membership is not restricted by Court, Seeming, or Kith; even the Courtless can be invited or can petition to join. There is no set price or exchange rate for the privilege, however, and it is likely that tribute will be required. Permanent members are able to invite short-term, temporary members through the use of pledges. These pledges can last no longer than a season and must involve the basic rules of conduct. If payment is involved, the Rani asks that permanent members tithe a portion of their profit. Permanent membership can only be obtained through official induction by the Rani.


Light clouds of glittering particles and/or smoke are occasionally seen swirling around the member. In low Wyrd changelings, these clouds are faint, usually only noticed at particular times or in certain angles of light. Higher Wyrd changelings might start to exhibit thicker, continual clouds, as well as the dreamy scents of incense and exotic tobaccos. Temporary members tend to show faint signs in their mien for a day or two after using their invitation.


The Thikana of Dreams is meant to appeal to changelings on several levels. The dream environment offers a getaway that can be experienced even during a hectic week, from wherever a changeling happens to be. This is bound to appeal to changelings who can’t get enough partying, as well as overworked changelings who can’t find waking hours to relax. The scene is only open to those in the know and can make for a great place to meet other changelings, even if they are going incognito. The chance to wear a different face invites the kind of game play and revelry of masked balls. For hedonistic changelings, the dream palace offers a myriad of different sensual experiences. For more conservative changelings, there is plenty of space for simple pleasures.


The head of the order is its creator, Saravati, who has sole rights to induct permanent members and can remove agitators from the premises at any time. She also has the right to ban changelings from future access. The four founding members also have the ability to remove changelings from the dream, although they cannot countermand Sara. Permanent members are able to issue temporary invitations through pledges. Although temporary members can make suggestions and complaints, they have little say in how the order is run.


Temporary members gain access to the dream environment for no longer than a season per pledge. While they are bound by the rules of the palace, they are otherwise free to enjoy themselves for the duration. Permanent members can visit the dream environment as much or as little as they like, whenever they fall asleep. They can make invitations and can suggest people for induction. Any member can ask that a portion of the dream be shaped to their specifications either on a temporary or continual basis (although they must pay extra for it).

The Oath

No one may harm a member or continually harass a member once they have been asked three times to stop. Committing harm results in immediate expulsion from the dream, with the option for future banishment. Harassing someone beyond the limit is to be expelled. Members cannot alter the dream environment in major ways; members can design their own person and create small effects, however. Members are not allowed to impersonate changelings from the local area or to use their image for humiliation.


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