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Victorian Timeline: 1819 - 1829

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Date Event
1819 Birth of Victoria.
The first financial panic strikes the United States.
The SS Savannah becomes the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
1820 George IV succeeds his father George III (who reigned 59 years), ending the British Regency.
The Cato Street conspiracy is discovered in England; its main figures are executed.
First confirmed sightings of Antarctica; landfall not confirmed until 1840.
1821 Greek War of Independence begins and ends in 1832.
George IV crowned.
Mexican independence from Spain.
Peru and Panama declare independence from Spain; Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica gain independence from Spain.
The Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland starts eruptions that continue on and off until 1823.
1822 The Chippewas give a great deal of land to the United Kingdom.
Brazil declares its independence from Portugal.
Thomas Young and Jean-François Champollion use the Rosetta Stone to decipher hieroglyphs.
1823 The Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls is almost completely destroyed by fire in Rome.
Joseph Smith, Jr. reports being guided by God through the angel Moroni to the golden plates.
The Lancet is founded by Thomas Wakley in London.
James Monroe first introduces the Monroe Doctrine, prohibiting any European attempts to recolonize the Americas.
1824 The Ashanti defeat British forces in the Gold Coast and kill Sir Charles MacCarthy, the British governor.
Chumash rise against Spanish abuses in the California missions.
The Egyptians capture Crete.
1825 The last Creek lands are turned over in Georgia.
Charles X of France formally recognizes Haiti’s independence in exchange for 150 million gold francs (slave trade profit loss).
Uruguay secedes from Brazil.
Discovery of Malden Island.
Bolivia obtains its independence from Spain.
The stock market Panic of 1825 hurts England most but cascades through Europe, the United States, and Latin America.
The world's first modern railway opens in England, which also accepts trade unions.Opening of the Erie Canal.
London hosts the first horse-drawn buses and the largest city population.
1826 Valencia stages the final auto-da-fé.The first railway tunnel runs between Liverpool and Manchester in England.
Britain annexes Assam.
First permanent photograph of nature is taken in France.
1826-1828 Russo-Persian War.
1827 Brazil battles Argentine-Uruguayan forces.
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad is the first railroad to take on both people and freight for commericial travel through the U.S.
The Ottoman dey slaps a French official, resulting in war and French Algeria.
The Great Fire of Turku destroys 3/4 of the city in Finland, with many human casualties.
1828 Russo-Turkish War begins, ending in 1829.
A typhoon kills around 10,000 in Kyūshū, Japan.
Discovery of gold starts the Georgia Gold Rush, which peters out in the 1840s.
1828-1834 Portuguese Civil War, affecting the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and the Catholic Church, in addition to Portugal itself.
1829 Catholic Relief Act and emancipation, allowing Catholics to enter most public offices and vote.
The Metropolitan Police Service is established and goes on patrol in London.
George Shillibeer starts the first bus service in London.

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