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Contracts of Light

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by: FaerieBadBoy

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Will o’ the Wisp (•)

The character conjures forth a slip of a wisp that can help lead him to a destination or object.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Survival + Wyrd
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The changeling possesses a piece of the target place or object.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The light instead explodes in the character’s mind, causing headaches and dizziness. The character suffers -1 to all rolls until she can get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.
Failure: The ball of light manifests, but dances about, unable to settle on any one path.
Success: For the next hour, the wisp leads the character in the most efficient and unerring path to his intended destination or object. At the end of the hour, the character may reactivate the clause, but each subsequent activation incurs a cumulative -1 penalty. Resting an hour removes one die worth of penalty. This clause cannot locate an object or location that the character has never before encountered, unless the character possesses a piece of the object or location in question.
Exceptional Success: The activation lasts for two hours rather than one.

Rise of the Supplicant’s Moon (••)

The character conjures a miniature moon to orbit around her head, providing light.

Cost: 1 or 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Occult + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: It is a night of the new moon.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: Light flares from the character’s eyes, blinding her for five minutes.
Failure: No light comes forth.
Success: A miniature moon appears, shining with a pure, silvery white light that illuminates an area equal to 200 yards radius around the character. It does not hinder vision, but will most assuredly hinder any stealth attempts the character might make. The light remains for the remainder of the scene, although the player has the option to spend two points of glamour to ensure the light lasts for a full hour.
Exceptional Success: As with a success, although the character may command the moon to change its phase at will, thereby controlling the amount of light shed by it and granting the possibility of stealth.
Suggested Modifiers
-1 ~ The clause is invoked during daylight hours.

Shifting Glory of the Aurora (•••)

The character calls upon the beauty of the Northern Lights to enhance his appearance.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Presence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character stands underneath a display of the Northern or Southern Lights.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The lights steal the character’s beauty for themselves, granting her -2 to all rolls which would normally benefit from the Striking Looks bonus.
Failure: The lights ignore the character.
Success: The character calls forth the shimmering beauty of the Aurora and drapes it about her like a cloak. The effects of this clause last for one scene. The character gains the equivalent of the four dot version of the Striking Looks merit. This bonus stacks with any others, even the Striking Looks merit itself. While this clause is in effect, the swirling colors have a mesmerizing effect on any individual who meets the character’s eyes, so long as the character is not holding a weapon or acting in a threatening manner. Supernatural characters may resist the mesmeric effect with a successful Resolve + Composure roll. The mesmeric effect ends instantly if the character picks up a weapon or threatens anyone. Cameras and other recording devices will not record anything out of the ordinary, and any mortal will only remember a particularly lovely individual after this clause has expired.
Exceptional Success: The effect lasts until the sun next rises or sets, whichever comes first.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 to +2 ~ The character is wearing especially fine or expensive clothing.
-1 to -2 ~ The character is dressed in rags or is filthy.

Light of Revelation (••••)

A single candle dispels darkness. Channeling the powers of light as a revelatory concept, this clause reveals that which is hidden in darkness and illusion.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Occult + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character is using the clause within five minutes of Noon.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The light of revelation burns the character’s eyes. She suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls involving vision for the remainder of the scene.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The character’s eyes blaze with shining white light. Within a radius of 100 feet, all rolls to hide or disguise oneself are reduced to a chance die and previously hidden or disguised characters must roll a chance die or lose their obfuscations. Supernatural means of occultation require a roll of Stealth + Wyrd – 5 or said powers are lost. Even the Mask flickers and weakens, allowing mortals to see through that disguise with a successful perception roll. The effects of this clause persist for one turn per success rolled, after which those who desire to do so may attempt to conceal themselves once more.
Exceptional Success: The duration extends to two turns per success and the character may dismiss the clause early, if so desired.

Sword of the Sun (•••••)

Channeling the Might of Sol, the character blasts forth a searing blast of light from his eyes.

Cost: 3 Glamour, optional 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Wyrd – subject’s Defense
Action: Instant
Catch: The subject of this clause is wearing or touching elemental gold.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The beam of light misfires and strikes the target that results in the most dramatic discord.
Failure: The light fails to manifest.
Success: A sunbeam laden with glamour blasts forth from the changeling’s outstretched hand to strike at the subject. This clause inflicts one point of lethal damage per success. The changeling has the option of spending a point of willpower to upgrade the lethal damage to aggravated. This light counts as pure sunlight, in terms of its properties (and potential damage to vampires and the like). The ranges on this attack are 10/30/50 and inflict penalties as normal.
Exceptional Success: No benefit beyond that granted by rolling 5+ successes.


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