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Contracts of Mirth and Laughter

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by: FaerieBadBoy

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Funny Bone (•)

With this clause, the character can discern what the subject finds humorous.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character has just been told a joke by the subject.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character confuses sorrow for laughter, and any jokes he tells the subject are more likely to draw tears or anger than laughter.
Failure: The character must rely on his wit alone.
Success: The character discerns one action or witticism that the subject finds funny. See the list of Suggested modifiers for information on how to better assess the level of amusement that can be provoked by various objects or actions.
Exceptional Success: The character discerns two actions or objects of the targeted level which will provoke amusement.
Suggested Modifiers
+2 ~ Clarity 8 or Higher.
-1 ~ For Clarity every two points below 7.
-1 ~ The character learns something the subject finds mildly amusing.
-2 ~ The character learns something the subject finds moderately funny.
-3 ~ The character learns something the subject finds absolutely hysterical.

It’s All In the Timing (••)

Timing is essential to successful Comedy. This clause gives the character a little bit of help.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Expression + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character is performing comedically before a particularly tough audience.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character offsets his personal timing and suffers a -2 penalty to all relevant rolls for the next scene.
Failure: The character is left to rely on his wits alone.
Success: The character gains his Wyrd as a bonus to all dice rolls which rely upon timing. This could be a comedic use of expression or trying to drive a car through town hitting all green lights. The effects of this clause last for one scene.
Exceptional Success: The character also gains his Wyrd in bonus successes to the next roll he makes contingent upon timing during the next scene.

It’s Only a Flesh Wound! (•••)

Laughter is the best medicine. The character reweaves Fate and Time, turning a grievous wound into a mere bruise. The joke in this case is on the warrior who thinks that dispatching a member of House Ereshu is a joke.

Cost: 1 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Medicine + Wyrd
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The character’s attacker mocks the character as he deals damage to the character.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The joke is on the character as the wounds worsen. The character takes an additional point of lethal damage.
Failure: No wounds heal.
Success: Fate and Time shift, robbing the character’s attacker of his victory. For every success on the activation roll, the character may remove one point of lethal or bashing damage from himself. Aggravated wounds may be downgraded to lethal at the cost of one additional point of glamour per downgraded wound. The character may mix and match the various levels of healing as suits him. The character may only use this clause on himself, directly after taking damage.
Exceptional Success: The character may remove aggravated wounds entirely, as opposed to downgrading them. The glamour cost still applies.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 ~ The character makes a snarky quip to the individual who wounded him as he invokes this clause.

Drunk With Laughter (••••)

The character causes pure mirth and laughter to bubble up on the audience, as if their bodies started to spontaneously produce nitrous oxide.

Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Socialize + Wyrd – subjects highest Composure
Action: Instant
Catch: The character is suffering wound penalties as a result of an altercation happening around him.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character’s “soothing humor” backfires. All characters gain +1 to their next attempt to attack the character. This effect lasts for one scene.
Failure: The attempt fails.
Success: Mirth and laughter bubble up in those nearby. Combat ceases and does not begin again for a number of turns equal to the character’s Wyrd (at a minimum). Add one die to attempts to make peace or get people to get along per success on this roll. The character may not use this clause again for the remainder of the scene. Those affected by this clause act drunk or giddy with laughter.
Exceptional Success: Combat ends. Even if differences cannot be resolved, everyone is too giddy and caught up in hilarity to resume fighting. The character may not use this clause again for the remainder of the scene.
Suggested Modifiers
-1 ~ At least four individuals are targeted.
-2 ~ At least eight individuals are targeted.
-3 ~ At least twelve individuals are targeted.
-4 ~ At least twenty individuals are targeted.

The Funniest Joke in the World (•••••)

The character tells the Killer Joke, of Monty Python Fame. The subject of this clause is wracked by hysterical laughter, a joke so funny it paralyses and could very well kill. Members of House Czernobog fear this clause greatly, as they find it doubly shameful to die of mirth, to lie dead on the ground with an idiotic smile on their faces, and to have been bested by a member of House Ereshu.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Expression + Wyrd vs. Composure + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The subject of this contract has disparaged the comedic ability of the character, inflicted at least one point of lethal damage upon him and threatened the characters friends or allies, all within the last 24 hours.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character is so caught up in her own cleverness that she begins to laugh at the joke before she finishes telling it. She suffers three rounds of paralysis and takes three levels of lethal damage (one per round).
Failure: The joke falls flat. No one finds it at all funny.
Success: The subject collapses in paroxysms of laughter, so intense they are literally killing him with laughter. The subject is unable to take any actions for one turn per success rolled on the activation of this clause and takes one point of lethal damage per turn. An individual killed by this contract remains grinning like an idiot, even in death, eyes wide-staring.
Exceptional Success: No additional effect beyond that of rolling 5+ successes.


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