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Contracts of Gay Pride

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by: FaerieBadBoy

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The Striking Looks Merit provides the listed +1 or +2 bonus to all Contracts of Gay Pride. This Contract is Affinity for Gays and Lesbians (x4), Half-Affinity for Bisexuals and Pansexuals (x5), and Non-Affinity for Heterosexuals (x6).

Gaydar (•)

This clause enables the character to detect the general sexual orientation of a target.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The changeling bears some symbolic representation of her sexuality, such as a rainbow wristband or a pink triangle patch on her jacket.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The changeling receives a mixed “signal,” and becomes absolutely sure that a target’s sexuality is other than it actually is.
Failure: The character cannot discern the subject’s sexuality and may end up muttering something about “metrosexuals.”
Success: The changeling is able to broadly discern the subject’s sexual orientation: gay, bi or straight.
Exceptional Success: The changeling is able to pinpoint the difference between bisexual and pansexual, between straight and straight-acting and all other shades of the rainbow of sexuality.
Suggested Modifiers
+2 ~ Clarity 8 or Higher.
+1 ~ Changeling enacting the clause is not straight.
-1 ~ Changeling enacting the clause is straight.
-1 ~ For every two points of Clarity below 7. Cumulative.

Like Moths to a Flamer (••)

This clause draws out the iridescent flame that burns at the heart of the changeling’s personality. That vibrancy of living enhances the changeling’s revelry and draws the eye of others to him.

Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Presence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character is partying at a queer or queer-friendly function.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The darker parts of the character’s nature shine through. He receives a -2 penalty to all Expression or Persuasion rolls. He thinks he is being witty or clever, but in actuality comes off as bitter or bitchy.
Failure: What you see is what you get. The character must rely on his innate skill alone if he wishes to impress.
Success: The character gains a number of bonus dice equal to his Wyrd to all Expression and Persuasion rolls for the next scene.
Exceptional Success: The character’s inner fires blossom into a joyous inferno. The character adds a number of automatic successes equal to his Wyrd to his next Expression or Persuasion roll, as well as adding the usual bonus dice for the remainder of the scene.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 ~ The changeling’s Vice is Pride.
+1 to +2 ~ The changeling is decked in especially nice or sultry clothes.
-1 to -2 ~ Unassuming dress or ultra-conservative clothing.

Six Beer Queer (•••)

Some people refuse to acknowledge their true personality or sexuality, even to themselves. This clause helps ease them “out of the closet” for a while. This clause has no effect on an individual who is completely true to herself.

Cost: 2 glamour, add 1 willpower for a supernatural subject.
Dice Pool: Persuasion + Wyrd vs. subject’s Resolve + Wyrd.
Action: Extended and Contested (successes required equal to the subject’s Willpower; each roll represents one minute of conversation with the subject); resistance is reflexive.
Catch: The changeling purchases six alcoholic drinks for the subject, who must take at least one sip from each.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The changeling infuriates the subject. The subject realizes what the changeling is attempting to do and reacts normally.
Failure: The character garners no successes and likely no friends either.
Success: The character gains successes. If his total number of successes equals or exceeds the subject’s Willpower, the subject relaxes and will act in accordance with his true self for the remainder of the scene. This is not limited merely to sexuality, but also includes other things that the subject may be in the closet about (such as an intense love of Star Trek or an affinity for baking).
Exceptional Success: The character makes great headway or garners an exceptional success past the threshold. The subject will feel no remorse for actions taken while under the influence of this clause. Further, successive uses of this clause on the same subject are at a +1 bonus for the rest of the month.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 ~ The subject is already tipsy, buzzed or high.
-1 ~ The subject has deep seated convictions that are inimical to her true self.

Cinderella, Cinder-fella (••••)

The changeling creates a wondrous ensemble out of nothing but emotion, dreamstuff and random scraps of clothing.

Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd
Action: Extended (2+ successes, based on the complexity of the transformation; each roll represents 10 minutes of effort).
Catch: The subject is attempting to attend a ball to which you have been invited but somehow have been constrained from attending (and girlfriend, don’t you dare try and put one over on your fairy godmother. Byotch knows and will mess you up if you try).
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The subject of this clause looks as bad as it is possible to look. Clothes fray to tatters and seem to collect dust and grease with a will. Mascara runs and rouge runs rogue. This negates any bonus from Striking Looks and levies a further -2 penalty to all Social rolls for the rest of the scene. Imagine the Barfly Merit as Poisoned by a Broken Pledge. You cannot get in anywhere.
Failure: The character remains Plain Jane or Joe Schmoe.
Success: The character makes progress towards the desired transformation. The body is cleansed, hair is styled, light and tasteful (or fantastical) makeup is applied. The ensemble, of whatever style, begins to take shape. The number of required successes is equal to 5 + rough complexity (see Suggested Modifiers, below). The transformation lasts until the stroke of midnight. At that time, the character reverts to normal.
Exceptional Success: The character makes significant progress towards the transformation or has done her work so well that one item of clothing from the ensemble will persist after the transformation’s end, to lead the subject’s lover to her.
Suggested Modifiers
+1 ~ The changeling is transforming rags to riches.
+1 ~ The changeling’s Vice is Pride.
-1 ~ The changeling is transforming already lovely clothes.
-1 ~ Per point of “equipment bonus” the clothes grant on all Social rolls (max 5).

We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used to It! (•••••)

The changeling’s self-realization reaches its apex, to the point where it surrounds him in a nimbus of glory, enhancing his actions and fortifying him against harm.

Cost: 3 glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Presence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The character is part of or staging a peaceful protest for a cause he believes in.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: Instead of self-realization, the character dredges up self-doubt. He is at a -2 penalty to all actions for the next scene due to lack of faith in himself.
Failure: The character must stand or fall on his own merit. His inner strength remains inner.
Success: The character practically glimmers with Resolve, Self-Confidence and Pride in Who He Is. This has a number of related effects. This aura cows enemies and bolsters allies. So long as the changeling does not brandish a weapon or attempt to harm anyone, ordinary humans cannot attack him. Supernatural beings may attack the changeling by making a successful Resolve + Composure roll before each attack. Further, the character is immune to all mundane attempts to frighten, intimidate or scare him. This protection extends to the character’s allies. Supernatural attempts to frighten the character suffer a penalty equal to the successes rolled, but this protection does not extend to the character’s allies. Finally, the character gains the use of the Inspiring Merit for the scene, even if he otherwise does not meet the pre-requisites. If he already has the Inspiring Merit, he gains one additional use so long as this clause is active. This contract lasts for one scene, unless the character initiates or threatens to initiate an attack.
Exceptional Success: This effect lasts until the sun next rises or sets (whichever comes first).
Suggested Modifiers
+1 ~ The character possesses the Inspiring Merit.


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