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Progenitors of Antediluvians

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by: Szymon Alkioneus Chojnacki for Sanguinus Curae

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Basic Theory

To cope with legends about Antediluvians, we should deal first with another problem, which is the progeny of Caine. I consider that Caine had five progeny, being Zillah the Beautiful, Enoch the Wise, Irad the Strong, Khe-duk and Liada. Dracian and Lilith are complicated subjects and should be handled separately. Following the most popular theory of lineages, which is based on clan disciplines, we could have the SEER lineage, the PHILOSOPHER-KING lineage, the HUNTER lineage and the SHIFTER lineage. I suppose these popular theories are widely known among the storytellers and advanced players so I won't be concentrating on them. What I will concentrate on are discrepancies concerning these lineages within clan legends. My solutions to these discrepancies aren't 'authorized'; they are my private deductions.

Progenitor of Set

Following the theory of discipline lineages, Set is the progeny of Zillah the Beautiful. This suits perfectly, except one single detail: Set is said to be the brother of Malkav. On the other hand, Malkav is almost certainly the progeny of Enoch. My solution to this discrepancy is that Set is in fact the mortal brother of Malkav, meaning they share the same mother. This theory points to the conclusion that Set is also brother of Arikel, which isn't mentioned anywhere - but this may be true! Set was the one who took the part in assassination of Arikel, indicating some hidden hatred must have existed between these two. Maybe that hatred reaches back to times when both Set and Arikel were mortals?

Progenitor of Set and Absimiliard

The assassination of Arikel is probably the most useful piece of evidence in linking the Antediluvians together. If we accept the theory of Zillah's jealousy, we can be nearly certain that Set and Absimiliard are Zillah's progeny. It makes sense that these two would have participated in killing Ariel under orders from Zillah. This fits well with the theory based on discipline lineages also, so I consider this true. By the way, Set and Absimiliard are in my opinion the foulest of Antediluvians, so they must have been of one sire.

Progenitor of Haqim

According to discipline lineages, Haqim is also a descendant of Zillah - but this cannot be true. Haqim is alleged to have facilitated his own embrace, using the blood of Khe-duk and Liada, the King and Queen of Nod. This must be the truth, as Haqim did not take part in the assassination of Arikel. It stands to reason that had Haqim been embraced by Zillah, he would have taken part in the assassination as her other progeny did.

Progenitor of Ravanna and Ennoia

The theory of discipline lineages suggests that a fourth second-generation progenitor must have existed. The most common view is that Lilith sired Ravanna, Ennoia, and Tzimisce. This cannot be true however, as the legends of Clan Ravnos reveal Ravanna to be the progeny of a vampire called Dracian. If we place Dracian as the progenitor of the shifter lineage, this would mean he sired Ravanna, Ennoia, and Tzimisce. This suits Ennoia well, and further makes sense of her Gypsy connections. Only Tzimisce doesn't fit well into the idea of being Dracian's progeny.

Progenitor of Tzimisce

Tzimisce is a very special Antediluvian; we know relatively little about him. Discipline lineage theory places him in the Shifter lineage, but another clan discipline of the Tzimisce is Auspex, meaning he may be a part of the Seer lineage and thus the progeny of Enoch. Both possibilities are logical enough, but neither suits the theories well. There is the option that Tzimisce may be the progeny of Irad, however. The discipline lineages theory suggests that there was no one, specific discipline shared among Irad's progeny, rather Dominate and/or Fortitude were common to Irad's progeny. Dominate is a discipline of Old Clan Tzimisce, only replaced in modern nights by Vicissitude. Therefore, judging by disciplines, Tzimisce might be a part of any of the three mentioned lineages. After some consideration of all lineages however, I deduce that he is Irad's progeny rather than Enoch's or Zillah's.


This is the most difficult subject; we know nothing of Lilith save a few hints and small excerpts from her life. The Etymology of the name Lilith leads to some amazing possibilities, however. According to Jewish lore, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, condemned by God for dominating Adam in their sexual relationship. When we accept that this biblical Lilith is also Lilith the vampire, we discover that she is older than Caine. Likewise, if we place these two Liliths as being one in the same - which I do - we cannot credit her with any other generation than first. This means we have two first generation vampires instead of one. It is reasonable, I suppose, because the 'Mother of All Demons' is the archenemy of Caine, the only one who is his equal in the duel. It is only theory, of course, but a theory that is both logical and seductive.

Progeny of Lilith

When we look at all 13 clans together, it is easy to pick out the one clan that is completely different from the others. It is the Ravnos, the only clan striving towards the night of Gehenna. Only this clan is trying to resist and destroy the schemes of the Antediluvians. The creators of the Via Paradoxis are something more than an 'ordinary' clan. It is the Ravnos whose actions are targeted at destroying reality and the Antediluvians. It is the Ravnos who were partially responsible for the inception of the Sabbat, a sect that has significantly similar targets. Why do they want to destroy the kindred? The theory of 'weig' is good for the puppets of high generations, but not for their masters. Why don't I believe it? Because Ravanna wasn't born from the weig as the Via Paradoxis codex explained it; he was sired by Dracian. Dracian was, in my opinion, sired by Lilith, the true creator of the Via Paradoxis. As for why I deduce Lilith to be the Progenitor of Dracian and creator of the Via Paradoxis, consider: Who desires the coming of Gehenna more than Lilith? What clan works towards the night of Gehenna more than the Ravnos? What path is more destructive than the Via Paradoxis? Cainites on the Via Diabolis or the Via Typhonis are petty children when compared with a powerful Cainite armed with Chimerstry and following the Via Paradoxis.


I hope that few of you have enjoyed my vision of Antediluvians. I'm not an expert at White Wolf cannon; my knowledge comes from various archives and only few books. I'm very appreciative however on any critics and comments.
- Szymon Alkioneus Chojnacki

Appendix A: Discipline Lineages Theory

One of means of working out the genealogy of 2nd and 3rd generation vampires is the discipline lineage theory. When we assume that 2nd generation vampires are the ultimate masters in one specific discipline, we can hypothecate that this discipline was passed on to their childer. In that case, clan disciplines are the factors that solve the riddle of progeny. Using this theory however, we could have:

Sired Arikel (and Ishtar), Malkav and Saulot.
His discipline is Auspex. Enoch's lineage is called the SEER lineage.

Sired Absimiliard, Set and probably Haqim.
His discipline is Obfuscate. Zillah's lineage is called the HUNTER lineage.

Sired Ventrue, Lasombra, Brujah, and Cappadocius.
There is no unique discipline for her, but Fortitude or Dominate frequently appear as clan disciplines among her childer.
Irad's lineage is called PHILOSOPHER-KING lineage.

Lilith (?)
Sired Ennoia, Ravnos and possibly Tzimisce.
The root discipline here is Animalism. This is the SHIFTER lineage.

As you can see, this theory is far from perfect. Clan legends bring up many discrepancies with this theory, but still after some small adjustments I consider this theory to be very logical.


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