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Armor of Irad

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OC Commission

"OC Commission" by Nikulina-Helena (resized) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Caine's strongest childe, Irad, is said to have had a suit of armor of immense quality. Due to Caine's relationship with other supernaturals, Irad was able to get many of the pieces of the suit improved and enchanted. As a result, Irad was one of the fiercest warriors this planet has ever seen. The suit was enchanted so that only Irad could wear the full suit, and anyone else was restricted to one piece. Also, any piece of the armor that is worn by an individual is said to resize itself to fit that person perfectly. After the death of Irad and then the Deluge, the armor was lost. It is said that benefactors of Caine found the armor and hid each piece in obscure, hidden locations around the world.

The suit itself is made out of an alien metal, never before seen by any modern blacksmiths or geologists. The metal is a dark, glossy black color, and appears heavy but it is actually lightweight and flexible. I have never seen any of the actual armor, but myself and my associates have spent years trying to ascertain some of the locations of the pieces. It is said that tremendous power can be wielded by those who wear the armor, but I am looking for it for purely archaeological reasons.

I will now begin discussing the armor. Please keep in mind that since no one has found the armor in at least a half-dozen millennia, it's impossible at this point to know if the powers in it are true.

Note: A description of each piece and its powers in game terms are given below. Each piece of the armor gives a three-die soak against all (repeat: ALL) damage on the part of the body that the piece is worn, with no Dexterity penalties.

Note to Storytellers: If you decide to let your characters know about the Armor of Irad, chances are they'll want to research it and track it down. If you choose to let them do so, they should have to undergo an excruciatingly difficult story (or chronicle) that puts their unlives, wits, and even their sanity to the test... for each piece.


This simple chain suit is crafted of the strange ore. We have no other information on it, not even a name. (The wearer's Trait maximum is raised by one.)

Helmet of Jabal

The helmet has several bands of silver and platinum encircling it. A small red tube is affixed to the bottom of the inside of the helmet, and this tube is said to contain the blood of Jabal, the first ghoul. It is said to resemble a Scottish battle helmet. (The helmet lets the wearer double his per-turn blood point expenditure.)

Helmet Add-On: Beaver of Ra

This face covering seems to be an alloy of the strange black metal and gold. It attaches to the Helmet of Jabal above the ears, and is formed like a grill with an eye-slit. The beaver is rumored to have been blessed by some sort of sun god, so I have come to calling it the Beaver of Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun. (The beaver cuts sunlight damage in half, rounding down, after the soak roll. This bonus is only gained if it is attached to the Helmet of Jabal.)

Helmet Add-On: Padding of the Magi

Apparently little more than thick cloth, the padding is attached to the inside of the Helmet of Jabal. (Increases each of the wearer's Mental Attributes by one, even if it exceeds their generation maximum.)

Helmet Add-On: Faerie Chinstrap

Enchanted by the Fair Folk, this unremarkable-looking strap of leather affixes to the bottom of the Helmet of Jabal. It has several glyphs and symbols branded on it, which are not of this world. (Lets the wearer pierce Glamour unconditionally.)

Gorget of the Lupines

Said to have enchanted by ancient Lupines as a gesture of good faith to the Kindred. This throat protector is a ring of the black metal, about 3" wide. It has a vertical slit about every inch and a half along its length, each slit being about a centimeter wide. (Wearing the gorget grants the wearer two additional actions per turn, similar to Celerity except that no blood points need be spent. This is in addition to any Celerity the character uses normally. The wearer also gains the Merit Enchanting Voice.)

Pauldrons of Caine

Said to be blessed by Caine himself, these shoulder pads are pure black, seemingly made of the strange metal. (Increases the wearer's blood pool maximum as if he/she were three steps closer to Caine.)

Pauldron Add-On: Ankh of Enoch

This 9-inch tall figurine of the Ankh affixes onto the back of the Pauldrons of Caine. It is supposedly made of a platinum alloy. (Grants the wearer two additional levels of Auspex.)

Pauldron Add-On: Crosschain of Atlantis

This small chain glows blue, and is said to have been from the lost continent of Atlantis as a gift to Caine. It needs to be tied through the holes in the front of the Pauldrons of Caine for its powers to be accessed. (The chain grants the wearer the ability to fling small glowing blue balls of energy. Each ball costs one Willpower point to form and throw. The formation is instantaneous, and the balls have a dice pool of 10 to hit the desired target. The damage pool is also 10 [lethal damage]. Only one may be formed per minute.)

Heaven's Breastplate

Supposedly crafted by an Archangel, this piece is formed of a different metal than that of the rest of the armor, but it is still unknown what the metal is or where it's from. The breastplate glows red in the presence of a servant of Hell, and glows white when near a servant of Heaven. (Heals the wearer at a rate of one health level per turn. Also, any demon, Black Spiral Dancer, Nephandi, Baali, or other demonic servant takes one unsoakable level of aggravated damage per turn in physical contact with the breastplate.)

Breastplate Add-On: Jewel of the Stars

An octagonal transparent gem, with red, green, and yellow sparkles inside of it, moving constantly. It is not an earthly object and I'm afraid we know nothing of its origin. It attaches to the front of Heaven's Breastplate. (Lets the wearer teleport. He/she can 'jump' anywhere in his/her line of sight, at any time. The teleport takes less than a second, and there is a glitter of colorful sparkles at the entry and exit points.)

Sleeves of the Underworld

We think that, through some death magic, these upper-arm coverings were made in the Underworld and transferred here. They are made of the same metal as the rest of the suit, but strangely, the sleeves are translucent - similar to the ancient clichés about ghosts. (Lets the wearer use the necromantic powers Summon Soul, Torment, and all the powers of the Ash Path [except Shroud Mastery]. The powers are used at no cost of blood or Willpower. Also, any Necromantic rolls the wearer makes are reduced by two in difficulty.)

Elbowguards of the Flame

We have been unable to uncover any information whatsoever about the appearance of this piece. (Renders the wearer totally immune to fire.)

Bracers of Resilience

Crafted and enchanted by Enoch's blacksmiths. (Gives the wearer an additional dot of Stamina and two levels of Fortitude.)

Gauntlets of Vigor

Crafted and enchanted by Enoch's blacksmiths. (Gives the wearer an additional dot in Strength and two levels of Potence.)

Tasse of Ennoia

This skirt of armor was supposedly given its power by the Gangrel progenitor, Ennoia. It is made of the black metal and looks no different from other tasses. (Lets the wearer use the Protean Level Four power Shape of the Beast at any time, at no cost.)

Zillah's Groinpiece

Zillah was Embraced for her beauty, which is reflected in the powers of this groinpiece. The groinpiece looks no different than a normal groinpiece for other sets of armor. (Grants the wearer two additional dots in Appearance. The wearer also gains the Merit Animal Magnetism.)

Cuisses of the East

Said to be from the Orient, these thigh-pieces are transcribed with ancient Asian symbols. (The wearer may use the first three levels of the Flesh Shintai [under the Kindred of the East rules, but at no cost].)

Kneepieces of Set

Another piece said to have originated from Egypt. Set himself enchanted the kneepieces and gave them to Irad as a gift. (Grants the wearer the first three levels of Serpentis, at no cost. Also, the difficulty to use any Egyptian-originated power [Serpentis, Setite Thaumaturgy, etc.] is reduced by two when the kneepieces are worn.)

Greaves of the Mad

Malkav presented these shinguards to Irad when he heard about the armor. (Allows the wearer access to the Cobweb, the Malkavian madness network. A dangerous power, but all sorts of information can be gleaned from careful application.)

Sollerets of Speed

While made of the black metal, this footwear allows the wearer to move at tremendous speed. (Gives the wearer an additional dot of Dexterity and two levels of Celerity.)

That brings this discussion to a close. Thank you for your interest in my work. You've been a splendid audience.

Gustav Remheint, ph.D.
Childe of Actos
Childe of Neurthen
Childe of Relltos
Childe of Ravana

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Juergen's Band

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by: Benedira for Sanguinus Curae

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This thin bronze ring, when worn on the smallest finger of the left hand, is purported to increase the potency of a vampire's blood.

The truth of its history and origins are lost to the passage of time, but it is rumored that a Ventrue had the ring created for him by a mortal magician. As the myth goes, the magician was something of a trickster, and like all things associated with 'the left-hand path', the ring is both a blessing and a curse.

What curse the ring might bestow has been the subject of many discussions; some say that when the sun shines, the ring leeches life out of any undead flesh it comes in contact with. Others say that the ring steals vitae as a vampire sleeps, leaving all but the most virile kindred empty husks before they can wake.

Storyteller Notes:

When worn appropriately, Juergen's band decreases a vampire's generation by one. All associated benefits - like a larger blood pool - are bestowed, and anyone diablerizing a vampire wearing the ring will reap the benefits of the lowered generation.

When the ring is in contact with any portion of a vampire's flesh other than the smallest finger on the left hand (which may vary from vampire to vampire), the character gains none of the advantages but still stands to suffer the true disadvantage.

This disadvantage is a reduction in the potency of a vampire's blood. If the sun rises and the ring is in direct contact with a vampire's skin, it will raise that vampire's generation permanently. This cannot be corrected by taking the ring off.

This disadvantage is cumulative; the vampire's generation will be raised each morning that the sun rises and the ring is touching their flesh. Removing the ring will halt the process, but will not reverse any damage already done.

When a vampire has done this often enough that they would be reduced to 16th generation, they crumble to dust. The blood becomes too thin and weak to support the deadened body any longer, and the vampire perishes.

A vampire who is savvy enough to use the ring each evening but remove it from their person before sunrise can enjoy a long, beneficial relationship with the artifact. Unfortunately, losses are usually incurred before the ring's true detriment is discovered.


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