kismet's world of darkness title

Ancient Ways

Endnotes & Interpretations
Additional notes to Revelations of the Dark Mother, the collected study of Lilith
Revelations of Enoch
The biblical book of Enoch, adapted to have more significance to the World of Darkness.
The Book of Nod: More Words of the Clan Chiefs
Lost text from the Book of Nod?
Progenitors of Antediluvians
A reexamination of popular lineage theories.
The Gathering
The words of the Baali clan founder to his childer.
Saulot Prophecies
Prophecy taken from the East and attributed to Saulot.
Prophecies of Set
Prophecy taken from the mouth of a Setite Elder.

Items and Artifacts

Armor of Irad Juergen's Band


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