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Path of Eidolon

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by: Benedira for Sanguinus Curae

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Nickname: Saints

Basic Beliefs

This is a difficult and exacting path that requires its followers to embrace the dark nature of kindred yet never serve it. It is a path of structure, but also approves of change. The basic philosophy of the code places a great deal of value on life, innocence, and the soul, and forbids the misuse of power, vampiric or otherwise.

The Ethics of the Path

  • Seek to understand your dark nature, that it may never control you.

  • Never take life without reason.

  • The higher self is all that separates us from the beast - preserve it fiercely.

  • Protect those weaker than you from perversion, suffering, and slavery.

  • Respect your elders, but never allow their age to grant them dominion.

  • Destroy those who would use Cain's legacy to terrorize the Children of Seth.

  • Meditate daily to maintain control of the inner beast.

  • Stand in harsh judgment of all creatures, beginning with yourself.

  • Your word is your honor - never break it.

  • Show mercy when it is deserved.

  • Honor the Children of Seth above all else - they are your charge.

  • Strive to perfect your talents.

  • Control your anger, or you will be consumed by it.

  • Cowards have no honor - defend your beliefs with your unlife.

  • Final death before dishonor.


This Path developed out of the beginnings of many Sabbat paths of enlightenment, tempered with the beliefs of the Catholic Church. It saw it's beginnings in 1268, developed by Lilith of Clan Assamite and Mercutio of the True Tzimisce during her recovery from her Sabbat beginnings. The path has changed and grown over the years, though the most basic edicts have remained the same.

Current Practices

While every known faction has claimed kindred who follow this path, it is rare that the Saints truly give any credence to the laws of those factions. Rather, it is a means to an end, to be able to keep close watch on their fellow vampires. Saints usually keep extensive records and histories on as many other kindred as they can manage. The followers of Eidolon tend to be removed from others, though whether or not this is a product of the path is uncertain.

Description of Followers

Most who have followed this path have been described as intimidating and distant, and are often feared by other Cainites. They tend towards seriousness and harshness, and rarely keep a great deal of friends or compatriots. Saints usually have a judge, caregiver, or gallant nature, and many have a loner demeanor or a demeanor that does not deviate from their nature.

Views on Other Paths

Path of Caine:
They claim to follow Cain's legacy, but they pervert it only to serve their lust for power and control.

Path of Cathari:
There is no honor in worshipping the beast and only slaking its desires.

Path of Death and the Soul:
Their respect for death falls short only in that it does not extend to a respect for life. They are crippled by notions of an eternal soul that deserves no care because it can endure.

Path of Evil Revelations:
They are gladly everything the beast threatens to make us - they must all be destroyed.

Path of Harmony:
They are so close, yet still absolve themselves of the true responsibility.

Path of Honorable Accord:
None are so close to ourselves as they, yet they are blinded by the teachings of their corrupt peers.

Path of Power and the Inner Voice:
Wisdom does not grant the right of divine power. They seek to control the world when they cannot even control themselves.

Path of Ecstasy:
Ill mannered children seeking an excuse for their irresponsibility. They would be of no consequence if they did not corrupt others.

Path of the Scorched Heart:
Their discipline is commendable, but they fail in their priorities. Do not hesitate to end them when their goals threaten your charges.

Path of the Warrior:
They seek only brutality for themselves and others. Give them what they desire most, in deadly quantity.

The Path of Eidolon Hierarchy of Sins




Failing to protect humans when they are in mortal danger


Giving in to the beast (frenzy)


Taking any action to harm or allow harm to the innocent or weak


Killing without just cause


Acting out of anger


Failing to show mercy to the deserving


Failing to maintain your sense of humanity


Failing to act because of fear for your unlife


Breaking your word


Failing to meditate daily


Views on the Path

"You say I confuse myself with God. I will tell you that no other creature is likened to the power of the divine as I, and such I am bound to the laws of the divine. His flock are my flock, and his vengeance my vengeance. One iota less would be irresponsibility."
-Mercutio, of the True Tzimisce

"My immortality is not a gift, it is a duty. I have accepted."
-Lilith, of the Unconquered Assamites

"The Children of Seth are left stranded in a dark night of pain and blood. We must deliver them safely into each dawn, or die trying."
-Kasim, Childe of Lilith


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