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The Path of Mental Corruption

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Nickname: Maddeners

Basic Beliefs: The Path of Mental Corruption has its origins buried deep within the basic need of the insane to make the world around them fit their own image of reality. Followers of this Path see the presence of sanity, rational thought, and mental purity (the definition of 'purity' is left to the individual to determine) as walls within one is confined. Only by breaking down the barriers of normal thought, and destroying the status quo perspective of the world can the 'truth' of reality be observed. Followers of this Path strive not only to sharpen their own sight into what is 'real' and what is 'true,' but to open the eyes of all those around them to what the world is really like.

The Ethics of the Path

  • Question everything within the 5 senses as to their true nature. If their true nature is determined, question if that might not be what they 'want' you to think.

  • Humor the 'sane' within your presence. Question their beliefs on their version of reality.

  • Pick out what aspects contradict your own, assimilate them, then educate the sane on the truth you have distilled.

  • Once a day, do something that scares you. Then try it with a sharp object.

  • Do your best to violate anything that might be mistaken for a set of ethics.

  • Fight predictability...an ethic that is itself predictable...so...

  • Fight spontaneity


The Maddeners focus on their Conviction to spread their viewpoints, and their Instinct in reading those they need to guide, including themselves.


The Path of Mental Corruption is merely a 'written down' list of things that have been either believed or practiced in some form or another for countless centuries. Only recently, either caused or inspired by the reappearance of Dementation throughout the Malkavian Clan, was the Path developed to the stage where it could be adhered.
There are rumors throughout the Sabbat that the growing number of followers of this Path is direct evidence that the influence of Malkav has begun to cross Clan borders, and seeks to infect even those not 'of the blood.' This rumor, of course may very well be part of a Malkavian prank. Of course, the Path itself might be, as well...

Current Practices

The Maddeners seek to defile any and everything that might be considered a rational thought. Things like science, logic and structure, either tangible or not, are things to be hated, destroyed, and reformed into something 'more random.' Neonates on this Path tend to fight against the more shallow and aesthetic evidence of sanity in the world, whereas experienced Elders that have taken up the Path's set of beliefs use their advanced powers and experience to spread their corruption in much more subtle, and sinister ways.

Description of Followers

Maddeners can be observed as seemingly normal, stable individuals, or the most twisted, disturbed person this side of a sanitarium. By simple nature, this Path is practiced by a large number of Malkavians, seeking to reform reality to fit their own skewed visions.

Surprisingly though (or perhaps NOT so surprisingly), many Tzimisce have found the merits of this Path to their liking. They see the alteration of perception the Path teaches much along the same lines as their Clan's penchant for departing from the human 'norm' in their choice of physical form. Becoming alien in both mind 'and' body has quite an appeal for them.

Following the Path

Maddeners come from every background imaginable, but all strive to make their own twisted ideas 'work.' And, if succeeding in actually making them 'work,' the realization of their ideas actually becoming an observable fact forces them to reevaluate the situation, and most likely attempt to destroy their success in favor of something that truly makes no rational sense.
Maddeners don't seek to create chaos, they simply wish to restructure order to an unrecognizable form.

Common Abilities

Followers of the Path require the ability to not only see the world for what it 'truly' is, but also to make others take a second look at what they perceive to be real. Thus, abilities like Awareness, Alertness and Empathy are useful for observation and evaluation. Subterfuge, Intimidation and Leadership are useful in persuading other to see things 'the right way.'

Preferred Disciplines

Maddeners prefer powers that assist them in imparting their visions and mental processes upon others, and also those that help them feel the type of loss of rationality they crave. Accordingly, things like Dementation and Dominate help in changing others minds. Chimerstry and Vicissitude help in reforming reality (tangibly or otherwise) into something that can be 'experienced.'

Path of Mental Corruption Hierarchy of Sins




Admitting to forming a complete thought.


Rationale: It's bad enough to have one; broadcasting it only goes to serve mainstream logic.


Forming a complete thought.


Rationale: Logic, in any form, is the enemy of truth.


Failing to impart the 'correct' version of reality on one who is uninitiated


Rationale: Not 'spreading the word' is counter-productive to the restructuring of reality.


Killing without first attempting to corrupt a mind.


Rationale: Murdering a potential convert is counter-productive.


Failing to ride the wave in frenzy.


Rationale: Only by experiencing the complete loss of rationality can one get closer to understanding it.


Allowing someone else's logic to dictate your perceptions.


Rationale: Truth can only be determined by self-induced examination of the world around you.


Failing to additionally corrupt your own mind.


Rationale: Only through constant reevaluation can true reality be distilled.


Failing to push a corrupt mind over the edge.


Rationale: The journey to clarity must be assisted whenever possible.


Failing to reshape the world around you into the true form it 'should' be.


Rationale: It does no good to exist in a world that makes sense to the majority; reform it to make logic a questionable condition.


Failing to corrupt a pure mind.


Rationale: The existence of sanity only perpetuates the lie of logic.


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