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The Path of Ragnarok

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by: Xavier Lev-Argonne for Sanguinus Curae

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'Insanity. Monstrosity. Perversity. Mass destruction. Are these not clearly the signs of Gehenna? Are we not at the brink of our destruction? Nothing we can do now can stop the end - all we can do now is fight.'
- Nikolasz Kjorkovitch, Brujah Evangelist

Nickname: Evangelists

Basic Beliefs

Followers of the Path of Ragnarok see the deathly apocalypse that looms around the corner for Kindred, Kine, and everything in between. In attempt to prevent - or, at the very least, delay - Gehenna, the Evangelists will do anything to root out the Antediluvians and destroy them. Most members of 'Gehenna cults' follow this path, although those that retain their Humanity find themselves converting before long.

The Ethics of the Path

  • The rotting corpses of the Antediluvians seek to destroy all existence - unless we destroy them first.

  • Gain the support of anyone who can aid us in our struggle for survival.

  • Those that hinder your actions are being manipulated by the Antediluvians, and must be destroyed.

  • Death hastens Gehenna, but mercy hastens weakness. Kill when necessary, and spare life when not.

  • Hide your intentions from others, so that their opportunity to sabotage you never arrives.

  • Trust no one but yourself.


Followers of the Path of Ragnarok uphold Conviction and Self-Control.


The Path of Ragnarok sprung into development some time in the 1950's, and so it's followers are very few at best. They have become especially active recently, seeing the sharp increase in both Caitiff and the shed of Kindred blood. It should seem that all followers of this path are autarkic - they believe the Camarilla are only pawns of the remaining Twelve, and that the Sabbat are only vehicles of Caine, whom they believe is an even greater destructive force than all of the Antediluvians combined.

Current Practices

Evangelists make their cause known, whether they calmly bring the subject up in a social situation or sit outside of Elysium yelling 'the end is near!' - this path has seen their fair share of both. Contrary to common belief, Evangelists are not Satanists or anything of the sort, but their passion in pursuing the destruction of the Antediluvians does seem to border on an inhuman zeal.

Description of Followers

On the outside, Evangelists seem to be quiet and reserved people, perhaps the type you'd see studying in a library late at night. On the inside, a combination of rage and passion burns, one that drives them to carry on even in these bleak, hopeless nights. This side is seldom every exposed.

Following the Path

Followers of the Path are of no particular clan; they are a mish-mash of autarkis drawn from a pool of all the major remaining clans with a smattering of other minor bloodlines as well. If a determination had to be made, it would be that most Evangelists are Brujah autarkis, with Ventrue and Lasombra carrying close behind. As much of a suicidal mix this may be, followers of the Path of Ragnarok seem to get along well enough - seem to, anyway.
Attributes like Manipulation and Charisma are prized, so that they may convince others to follow the Path as well. Intelligence is also greatly valued, and Perception is fairly common (though not so much) as well.

Common Abilities

Expression allows an Evangelist to clearly state his views and convince others to see things the same way. Some prefer to have a more dominant Subterfuge, so as to hide their intentions, though Leadership is almost always common in either case. Other fairly common Abilities include Computer, Linguistics, and Occult.

Preferred Disciplines

The three basic physical Disciplines (Potence, Celerity, and Fortitude) are practiced the most amongst Evangelists, so that they may be better equipped to face the darkness when the time comes. Presence aids in converting others to the Path as well, and Auspex gives them a unique insight into the workings of the Jyhad.

Hierarchy of Sins




Revealing your intentions to another.


Senseless or pointless murder.


Allowing yourself to be manipulated by another.


Falling to frenzy.


Not aiding another follower of the Path.


Not seizing the opportunity to convert someone.


Destroying a potential ally or convert to the cause.


Failing to destroy someone being manipulated by the Antediluvians.


Aiding or working alongside someone being manipulated by the Antediluvians.


Refusing to aid in the destruction of the Antediluvians.


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