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Supplemental Clan Weaknesses

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by: Daniel Butler for Sanguinus Curae

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All vampires are born with cursed blood in their veins. Some, however, are more damned than others are. Each of the Flaws below is a clan weakness that worsens the aspects of that clan's bloodcurse. Remember: They are supplemental, they do not replace the clan's normal weakness - they add to it.


Blood Boil (5pt Flaw)

All Brujah are ill tempered, such is the nature of their blood. For some Brujah, however, Frenzy means not only danger to those around her but to her physical being. Whenever a Brujah succumbs to Frenzy her blood literally boils with rage causing internal damage. When this happens he takes (7 - Self-Control) points non-soakable bashing damage - which is not halved. Often, the pain is enough to snap the Brujah out of her Frenzy - or aggravate the Beast further still.


Mind of the Wild Beast (5pt Flaw)

Most Gangrel are attuned to their inner instincts more than most vampires. Some Gangrel, however, are more animal like than even those of their Clan. For these vampires their Frenzies are often marked with altered states of mind for a short period afterwards. In their mind they are an animal. Not the Beast, but a creature of the animal kingdom. When a Gangrel Frenzies and gains an animalistic feature she must make a Willpower roll (Difficulty 5 + Animalism to a maximum of 10). If she scores more than three successes she leaves the Frenzy with just the mark of the Beast. If she fails this roll however her mind becomes that of a wild animal. This first time this happens the player must decide which animal her character has the most connection with. Once this is chosen, the character falls under the Storytellers control and should be acted out as the selected beast. The duration of this mental change is (11 - Willpower) days. Note that if the player botches, the vampire's mind succumbs to animal state for an entire month. Only time can cause this state to fade. Many Gangrel so afflicted, however, are put down to save the Masquerade.


No Respite (5pt Flaw)

Perhaps the blood of Malkav runs thickly through your veins. Perhaps you were just completely insane before your Embrace. Either way, you are now irredeemably insane and there is nothing that can halt its grip on your mind. You may never spend a Willpower point to negate your derangement for a scene.


Voice of the Damned (5pt Flaw)

Though all Nosferatu are hideous, most retain their mortal voices. You, however, did not. By some dint of the Curse of Caine your voice is a maddening mockery of the human tongue. When you speak your words can never be mistaken for normal even through electronic manipulation. Perhaps you speak like the buzzing of flies or perhaps you have a tone that is unbearable - it makes no difference. Although you can be comprehended, no one will ever mistake your voice for being human. You are at half dicepools for all rolls that involve Charisma and Manipulation. You do, however, gain +3 when using your voice to intimidate someone.

Salubri Antritribu

Feast of the Corpse (5pt Flaw)

Though all Salubri Antitribu must take the blood through violence, you may only take it through the death of another. Be it mortal, vampire or Other, you may take heart's blood only from dead things to nourish yourself. If you take blood from a living thing you receive no sustenance from it. You must always take lifesblood from the dead. Be it by your hand or someone else's.


Sensory Overload (5pt Flaw)

Manifesting itself only among the members of the Clan Toreador, sensory overload is apparently a worsened manifestation of the entrancement with beauty the Clan is susceptible too. When a Toreador becomes entranced he must make an additional Willpower roll. If he succeeds he is entranced as normal, however, if not his mind is overloaded by the sheer sensory input and suffers perceptual damage for a long time afterward. If the character fails, roll Perception + Auspex (Difficulty 8), all of the vampires Perception dicepools are now halved for as many nights equal to the successes rolled OR she loses the use of Auspex for the same amount of time (Storytellers choice). If the character botches the Willpower roll he is completely blind for 24 hours.


'Yes, Sir' (5pt Flaw)

Sometimes, the Elder blood that all Tremere sip from is made of stronger stuff. Though all Tremere are bloodbound to the oldest of their Clan, a select few are helpless when commanded by Tremere of the most potent vitae. When resisting any command from the Inner Circle, the Warlock is half her normal Willpower dicepool in addition to the +2 difficulty.


She's the One (5pt Flaw)

All Ventrue are picky. You, though, are obsessed with your chosen prey. Whenever you see someone who matches your prey exclusion you are overcome with a terrible bloodlust. You must make a Willpower roll (Difficulty 8) or you will automatically Frenzy and try to take as much blood from your victim as possible.


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