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New Flaws

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by: Benedira for Sanguinus Curae

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Many of the classic vampire myths are given a place in Vampire: the Masquerade in the form of clan weaknesses, flaws, disciplines, or general facts of vampiric existence. Some are still left unmentioned, however, providing no explanation for popular myths that have developed on every continent. The following flaws are intended to take more of the legends into account, as well as provide new resources for players. All are Supernatural flaws.

Burned by Holy Water(2 pt Flaw)

Water blessed by clergy does aggravated damage when it comes in contact with your body. This damage cannot be soaked, even with Fortitude.

Warded by Salt (2 pt Flaw)

You believe in the old folk tales, and cannot cross a line of salt. Victims who surround themselves with salt are protected from you for as long as they remain inside. There is no willpower roll, nor damage should the Kindred attempt to cross the line - they will simply find themselves unable.

Victim of Hospitality (3 pt Flaw)

You cannot enter a private dwelling without the invitation of a resident of that dwelling. This does not apply to public buildings, such as office buildings or restaurants. In the case of apartment complexes and hotels, the Kindred will find that may roam the common halls freely - but access to the individual rooms or flats cannot be achieved without permission.

Coffin Bound (3 pt Flaw)

Something inside you believes in the old tale, that vampires must sleep in a coffin. Failure to meet this requirement halves the Kindred's dice pools every 24 hours, until all her actions use only one die. This penalty remains until she rests for a full day in a coffin.

Three Days Arisen (3 pt Flaw)

Most Kindred awake moments - hours at the longest - after being fed the blood of their sire. For you, however, it took more time to rise again. Your sire thought you had failed to be embraced and left you for dead, and when you woke three nights later you were alone, confused, and starving.
This flaw has created many Caitiff, and those who manage to be found by their sire come under a great deal of suspicion - after all, they saw you die.
This flaw inevitably affects the entirety of Neonates unlife, as failing to wake into the presence of a sire can have lasting, devastating effects.

Bane of Holy Ground (3 pt Flaw)

Perhaps you are more damned than other Kindred, or perhaps you simply place too much faith in old wives' tales. Either way, you cannot set foot on Holy Ground. Most cemeteries, all houses of religious worship, and even some other structures are forbidden to you. Every turn that you remain on Holy Ground inflicts one level of aggravated damage that cannot be soaked, even with Fortitude. If you are buried in Holy Ground, you will suffer damage until driven into torpor - if no one moves your body, you will never awaken.

For Whom the Bell Tolls (3 pt Flaw)

The sound of ringing bells strikes a chord in you, and the sound is often maddening. You suffer a -1 to your die pool for every turn you spend in earshot of the sound, and must spend a willpower point to choose to continue to remain near it. The degree of the sound is also a determining factor - a small, handheld bell may only be an annoyance, where tolling church bells may induce frenzy if endured. Deaf kindred may not take this flaw.

Cursed by Wood (6 pt Flaw)

For most Kindred, a stake in the heart will only result in paralysis. For you, however, the stake means death. This flaw should not be taken lightly, as there is no way for the Kindred to know she has this weakness until it's too late.


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