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by: Benedira for Sanguinus Curae

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Blackmailer (1-4 pt. Social Merit)

You know the secrets of another kindred in your city, and they will do anything you ask to make sure these secrets don't get out into the open. They may also be seeking to be rid of you, however - blackmail is a dangerous game, after all. The value of this merit depends on how powerful the kindred you are blackmailing is - a neonate might be worth one point, while a powerful Elder might be worth four.

Apathetic (2 pt. Mental Merit)

You have long since lost the propensity for typical human emotional responses, and are rarely affected by attempts to capitalize on those kinds of responses. Intimidation, seduction, and charm rolls against you are made at a +2 difficulty. As a side effect of this condition, you may never have an Empathy rating greater than 2.

Valuable Commodity (2 pt. Social Merit)

Despite your age, you have learned the game of influence and favor trading very well. You have acquired a useful area of influence without stepping on the toes of your Elders, and have been putting this influence to work for you. Neonates and ancilla come to you whenever they need something this influence can provide them with, and one or more of your Elders may be looking to bring you into their circle based on your competence and success. You must be a neonate or ancilla to take this merit.

Credit to the Blood (3 pt. Merit)

You are the epitome of your clan's ideals, espousing the values associated with your blood even before your embrace. Many younger kindred in your clan look up to and admire you, and your Elders approve of you. You are at a -2 difficulty on any social roll dealing with a member of your own clan, and your clanmates are often favorably inclined towards your ideas.

Unnatural Grace (3 pt. Physical Merit)

You have become accustomed to the fine workings of the body in which you are spending eternity, and hence have become extremely graceful. You almost appear to float when you walk, never misstep or stumble, and every motion is so perfect that it seems like you must have practiced it for months. You are at a -2 on all appropriate social rolls (i.e., seduction - yes, intimidation - no). Additionally, the storyteller may grant a -1 difficulty modifier to rolls involving Dexterity if warranted.

Patron (4 pt. Social Merit)

For some reason, and Elder has taken a shine to you and your life has been easier ever since. You find it easier to navigate the perils of kindred society, and your efforts in the mortal world go largely unhindered. Though you don't know the identity of your benefactor, you have begun to suspect that 'somebody up there likes you' - though you must also be careful not to press your luck too far. If you get into serious trouble, your patron may use their resources and influence to get you out.


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