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New Flaws III

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by: Belladonna for Sanguinus Curae

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Child of the Mists - 4 point Flaw

A child of the mists is constantly wreathed in and following by tendrils of ghostly mist that coil and writhe about her lower body and in her vicinity. When she is moving quickly, these mists will nearly disperse completely - becoming little more than trailing tendrils along the ground behind her. But when still for any period of time, the mists will collect and form a layer of ground fog spreading slowly outward from her location - at a rate of several feet per hour. The presence of these unnatural mists makes it almost impossible to hide a vampire's immortal nature. Masquerade rolls of any kind are made at a +3 difficulty.

Indentured Servitude - 1 to 5 point Flaw

The indentured servant owes a portion of her unlife to serving another Kindred. This service may be to repay a debt, or to earn a boon. During the period of service, the vampire acts as a lieutenant to her master, and is expected to be servile and loyal. The precise nature of the service will vary according to the demands of the master - there is no supernatural influence backing this service, however, other than the honor of the vampire herself. As a one point flaw, the period of service may be only a few months - while at 5 points it may be as long as several decades.

Traveling Companion - 5 point Flaw

The vampire inflicted with a Traveling Companion suffers a very unusual difficulty - her beast is not simply a mindless creature of instinct. Rather, her beast is canny and cunning, and possesses rudimentary desires and a distinct will of its own - though all of these attributes are still rooted in the mind, will, and desires of the vampire herself. Whenever the vampire gives in to rotschreck or frenzy, her traveling companion (her beast) takes over, and remains in control until dawn forces her body to sleep. While the beast has control, it will act on the subconscious or denied desires of the vampire - whatever those may be - without hesitation. It might travel great distances to seek an item or person, hunt down an enemy, feed and kill indiscriminately, or engage in any number of behaviors depending on the repressed nature of the vampire herself. During these activities, the traveling companion acts with the full attributes and abilities of the vampire 'host' - though with a -1 to Intelligence and Manipulation, and a +1 to Wits and Charisma. When dawn comes and the beast succumbs to sleep, the vampire may find herself awaking in strange places and perhaps even in very trying or compromising situations - without any conscious memory of how she got to be where she is.


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