kismet's world of darkness title

General Considerations

What Are Cainites?   Player Misconceptions
Vampire Facts   Maturity and Personal Horror
Vampire Facts 2   Routines and Scenes
Vampire Erotica   Alien Viewpoints
Love Among the Damned   Guide to Prestation

Character Creation

Creating a Persona   Gender and Clan, Part 1
Elder Creation System   Gender and Clan, Part 2
Creating a Caitiff   Gender and Clan, Part 3
The Importance of Clan    

Merits and Flaws

New Flaws   Supplemental Clan Weaknesses
New Flaws II   Rising Star Merit
New Flaws III Infertile Vitae Flaw
New Merits   Blind Flaw
New Vitae Merits and Flaws   Anachronism vs. Recently Arisen

New Paths of Enlightenment

Path of Eidolon   Path of Nahemoth
Path of Mental Corruption   Path of Ragnarok
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