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Giovanni: A View from Without

The Death clan, Devil Kindred, Grave robbers, 'Those Bastards'; the Kindred have many names for the Giovanni clan. But no matter what names Kindred call the Giovanni behind their backs, all are at least reasonably polite to their faces. For it is well know that the Giovanni clan are Necromancers, welding power over life and death with an almost casual air. Besides their powers of Necromancy, they have many things that set them apart from the rest of the kindred.

One is their Kiss, the means by which they feed, unlike other kindred, who's kiss cause a near ecstasy in the mortal. In the Giovanni kiss, mortals feel only pain and fear, making it rather hard to feed quietly and discreetly. This has lead to the Giovanni becoming one of the leading blood bankers in the world. With their help and control the worldwide blood banking industry has been booming for years. Some is used for operations and such, but most makes it's way into the Family blood bank.

Second, all Giovanni use ghouls. They have a large number of them, in fact it is said that there are more ghouls in the clan then vampires. This is one of the ways the Giovanni spread their power. Also, all Giovanni vampires were at one time a Ghoul. When a family member has proven his or her worth, in anything from money to manipulation of other mortals to gambling, they are given their first taste of Vampire Vitae and the powers it brings. The Ghoul then serves his/her Regent to the best of his ability, doing anything the Regent wants including risking death for him. After all, when serving a necromancer, death is not the end and it's best to die on good terms with one or else. Once the Ghoul has proven his/her self, it is given the embrace and made a true member of the Giovanni family. Not every ghoul is so lucky, those that service is only "ok" or up to par, never receive the embrace, forced to remain a ghoul for ever.

Thirdly, the Giovanni clan is rich, loaded with money. Careful management of banks and world trade has given them a huge sum of funds. They are so rich and powerful that they have their own area code, and all family members have a number in the area code for ease of contact. Worldwide, the wealth of the family rivals - if not surpasses - that of the Ventrue.

The Giovanni clan also stands out in that it is widely believed that they are all related. Not only are they a clan and share the blood of Caine, but they are all also related by their mortal blood. While untrue, this has proven most useful. After all, someone who would refuse to deal with a Giovanni, might have no problem with dealing with a Miller. In all around 6 or 7 families make up the Giovanni clan.

Lastly, Of all the Clans of Caine, the Giovanni clan is the only one to have next to no Antitribu. There are a total of maybe two, the world over. The Tremere make that claim now, but the Family has been able to do so for almost a thousand years.

So, you have a clan with wealth, magic, power over the dead, and an almost fanatical loyalty. What are they up to? Why have they built this huge power base? How do they enforce such loyalty? Why are they not using their power? Now you see why the other clans are very worried about the Giovanni.

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