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Salubri: A View from Within

by: John Dowling A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

We Salubri are a misinterpreted Clan. My name is Elias, childe of Sammael, childe of Saulot. I am approximately 2,500 years old and I have just recently awakened from a long torpor. I wouldn't have had to enter it if it hadn't been for those blasted Usurpers - oh that's right, ye don't use that name for them, you use 'Tremere'. Whatever you wish to call them, remember this - they stole Caine's curse from the Tzimisce and their Clanhood from us. When I was Embraced, the Salubri were a Clan everyone loved, Princes and Voivodes kept our healers near, and any Cainite could call upon our warriors to assist them in battling evil. All clans loved us until the fateful day when Tremere, the most hated of all Usurpers, committed Amaranth upon my grandsire. From that night on, the Usurpers began their propaganda against us. Once, my life was dedicated to the destruction of the Baali, but after the Usurpers took away first our Antediluvian, and then our reputation, my mission changed to the utter annihilation of the Tremere. My small band and I did rather well for fifty years or so, then my clan - nay, my bloodline - began to be exterminated by the Princes and Voivodes that once looked to us for advice and aid. I told my band to disperse and put themselves in torpor, to awaken 1,500 years later. I have awakened to see my bloodline decimated, with the only ones left being a hand full of healers and a pack of warriors who have lost their way. The Usurpers have been given positions that were once held by Salubri and our name is only spoken of with fear and hatred. I hear that the Inconnu remember the truth, perhaps they will remain allies.

I hear that the Camarilla is having an Inner Council meeting soon, perhaps I will attend and hope to revive the other Clans' faith in mine.

Someday, I WILL reclaim the blood that Tremere stole from Saulot.

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