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Tremere: An Image of House and Clan Tremere

by: Jarvis A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

As one of the founding clans of the Camarilla, we have a strong respect for the traditions and hold them in the highest regard. While we have left the leadership of the Camarilla to those best suited to govern us as a whole. Clan Tremere takes an extremely strong stance as advisors to our Camarilla leaders and elders. While others may possess the disciplines of Auspex and Domination, our unique practice of Thaumaturgy makes us invaluable to the Camarilla. Historically, we have used our thaumaturgical might to strengthen and protect the Camarilla. Without our direct aid in magically hindering Clan Assamite, they would have decimated our European elders in the early days of the Camarilla. Through the offering of such aid clan Tremere has earned a place of respect within the Camarilla and fear amongst our enemies.

We do have a unique history as a clan having once been a powerful house within the hermetic order of mages. Thus we sometimes use the term 'house' in referring to ourselves. We do have specific traditions that we have held since our days as mages, that other kindred often do not understand. It is through this code that we have remained united and strong in the face of strong opposition. For the most part kindred of the other clans need not concern themselves with the Tremere code and do not need to follow its dictates. We however as a clan are bound to the letter of its law. This is sometimes seen as a weakness or even disobedience from those outside house Tremere who would ask us to break our sacred oath. We hold our code to be as vital, if not more so than the traditions themselves.

Our code demands that we not teach thaumaturgy to those outside of house and clan and protect the secrets of our thaumaturgical paths and rites. This veil of secrecy extends within the clan as well, through a complex and rigid structure sometimes known as the pyramid. Apprentices must first show mastery of the basics of thaumaturgy before being allowed to progress in knowledge and power. This secrecy is vital to maintaining the strength of our clan, and consequently the strength of the Camarilla as a whole. This secrecy is sometimes seen as untrustworthiness. Quite the contrary, it is because we can be trusted with the secrets of thaumaturgy, that we can be trusted with other matters.

The enemies of house and clan Tremere have spread terrible rumors about us. We are not usurpers of the blood of Caine. Kindred vitae is - by its very nature - magical. As mages we have always possessed a magical nature. It is true that most of us specialize in the path of blood as our thaumaturgical foundation.

We are not diablerists. We strongly support the traditions, including the right of destruction. We stood against the Assamites and their diablerist practices. There have been those within our clan, as in all of the clans who have committed this terrible act. They are held accountable just as any other kindred would be. In fact, with our blood thaumaturgy, we frequently hold a higher standard in regard to the destruction of souls. It is because of this high code of ethics that we as a clan have waged war on the clan of soul stealers known as Salubri.

We do not consort with demons, or make deals with them. Just the opposite, it is because of our thaumaturgical lore that we know the dangers of dealing with these beings and refrain from doing so. Our code prohibits such interaction; in fact we frequently lead investigations and purges against those who would sell their souls for power.

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