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Ventrue Merits and Flaws

by: Xavier Lev-Argonne A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Ventrue are well known as impeccable leaders of exacting standards and tastes. These Merits and Flaws should all be considered Social, unless otherwise specified.

Majesty (2 pt. Merit)
Everything about you seems to be particularly noble: the way you walk, speak, and feel. You are at a -2 difficulty on all social rolls.

Pet Project (3 pt. Merit)
A major political force in the Camarilla is grooming you to take their seat. Should it be a member of the Primogen, or the Prince himself, you are at a -2 difficulty on all social rolls with that person. Additionally, since they are putting such an investment into you, they may dispatch their minions to protect you.

Piercing Gaze (3 pt. Merit)
Your gaze seems to be paralyzing. Whether it instills people with fear, love, or self-loathing, all Disciplines that require sight contact have their difficulties reduced by 3.

Iron Stomach (7 pt. Merit)
The taste of Ventrue is so refined that they can normally feed from only one class of mortal. With this merit, the Ventrue-in-question may temporarily ingest the blood of any other class as well, and even hold it for a brief time.
If the character decides to feed from someone other than his pre-set class of mortals, he must first expend two Willpower points. As long as he wishes to keep the blood in his system, he must expend an additional Willpower point everywhere. Should he run out of Willpower or no longer wish to stomach the stuff, he vomits the blood back up immediately, and takes one unsoakable level of bashing damage in the process. This is considered a Supernatural merit.

Rumors (2 pt. Flaw)
You must've done something wrong, because the harpies are spitting out rumors about you like crazy. You are at a +1 difficulty on all social rolls with anyone who's heard these rumors, and harpies will most likely not talk to you at all.

Anti-Ventrue (4 pt. Flaw)
You're the exact opposite of a Ventrue - instead of being graceful, you are clumsy. Instead of being handsome and charming, you are bland, unappealing, and annoying. Other Ventrue will give you no end of grief for your lack of any Blue Blood qualities whatsoever, and you are at a +3 difficulty on all social rolls with other Ventrue who do not possess this flaw. You may never purchase Clan Prestige.

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