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Path of Retribution

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by: Benedira for Sanguinus Curae

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Nickname: Crusaders

Basic Beliefs

Those on the Path of Retribution know no glory higher than fighting their holy war, and no honor greater than ridding themselves of their enemies. It is a path of fanaticism, practiced in it's true form only by the Disciples of Horus. Another path by the same name has been derived from this one, but lacks the religious fervor of the original code.

Much as other religious fanatics, Crusaders hold their path of enlightenment to be the holy charge of their deity, the code of conduct that will earn them an honored place at the table of Osiris in the afterlife.

The Ethics of the Path

  • Destroy the Children of Set - they are the legacy of Seth's plague.

  • Maintain your virtue and righteousness so you cannot be corrupted.

  • Never take life without reason, but spare nothing to destroy your enemies.

  • Strive to become all you can in the service of Horus.

  • Euthanize those corrupted by Seth's plague that they may find peace.

  • Honor your elders, as they have fought longer than you.

  • Study the Book of Nefertari to better understand yourself and your task.


This path is nearly as old as the Disciples of Horus themselves, and has changed little over the centuries. It is believed to have been explored by Amenhotep himself through inspiration from Horus, and handed down to his peoples before the Disciples divided to pursue the Setites. This path is described in a short series of parables that are immortalized in the holy Book of Nefertari, which all new Harendotes are provided with. It is because of this written account that the path has experienced little innovation or degradation, save for the bastardized version practiced by a few other kindred outside the Disciples.

Current Practices

True Crusaders offer neither allegiance nor consideration to political sects or other clans. Indeed, they are rarely even concerned with the general aspects of vampire politics save for how it affects their genocidal plans for the Setites. Their faith and practices remain insular, despite numerous dealings with other Kindred.

Description of Followers

Crusaders often appear sagely or reserved when encountered in a relaxed setting, and rarely speak openly about their religious beliefs. They are concerned with getting to know those they deal with on a personal level, as they are wary of befriending those who have been corrupted by the Serpent God. True to the blood of their clan, they often have fanatic, visionary, or judge natures. Demeanor can be almost anything, though rarely take the form of Bon Vivant, Poltroon, or Rogue.

Virtues: Crusaders espouse the virtues of Conviction, Self-Control, and Courage.

Views on Other Paths

Path of Caine: Theirs is a noble pursuit, as understanding one's self is an honorable task. Vampirism for the sake of vampirism, however, is foolishness.

Path of Cathari: They ripen themselves for Seth's corrupt minions. They do not know what manner of eternity they invite. Dispose of them if you have time.

Path of Death and the Soul: We respect the studies of these scholars of Anubis. While we do not walk the same path, we afford them great latitude.

Path of Evil Revelations: Evil is a regrettable thing of the moment, not a goal for eternity. Dispatch these depraved monsters when the opportunity arises.

Path of the Feral Heart: It is as much a failing to see only the animal as it is to see only the spirit. The Beasts are lost to their own savage desires.

Path of Honorable Accord: They have our respect for their discipline and virtue, and our pity because they have forgotten why these things are important.

Path of Lilith: They obey what they believe their Goddess commands. We respect their burden and perseverance.

Path of Power and the Inner Voice: We have no love for petty dictators who would style themselves as gods.

Path of Ecstasy: The unknowing tools of Seth. End them if given the chance.

Path of the Scorched Heart: Discipline is honorable, but need not come at the cost of emotion. Those of the Scorched Heart are cowards who fear their own feelings.

Path of the Typhon: The very basest of Seth's childer. Strike them down where they stand.

Path of the Warrior: War for war's sake is but butchery. We have no respect for those who kill indiscriminately.

The Path of Retribution Hierarchy of Sins




Failing to destroy a minion of Seth.


Failing to euthanize those corrupted by Seth.


Allowing a Disciple who has abandoned Horus to live.


Failing to work to strengthen your virtue.


Failing to teach the young.


Disrespecting your elders.


Failing to better yourself physically or mentally.


Failing to study the Book of Nefertari.


Pursuing personal goals over your holy task.


Giving in to temptation of any kind.



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