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by: Dare for Sanguinus Curae

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The Mentis clan is a clan of psychic healers, telepaths, and empaths. Their principle discipline 'Umbracuro' lends itself to many aspects for caring for the minds and souls of others. This trait often lends this clan a reputation of quiet and weakness.

In truth, however, this is also a clan of warriors, and the combination of disciplines and tendencies they possess make them formidable opponents. When this mouse roars, it bares the teeth of a lion. The formation of the Clan Mentis came in three parts and originated with the kindred known as 'JewelKiss' (Belina Rossa).

The first step came in her actual embrace. Though her sire was Brujah, JewelKiss spent the first part of her kindred life as a Caitiff, her actual clan unknown to her. Further, prior to her embrace she was a rather talented Numinae, possessing a considerable telepathic and empathic ability, though she was utterly untrained. This ability and her Brujah blood combined in a way unusual for Numinae, and she managed to develop a 'wild talent' discipline for which she at first had no name, and which nearly drove her mad on more than one occasion.

The second step came with a drastic but fortuitous application of this same 'wild discipline', later to be known as 'Umbracuro'. JewelKiss unintentionally 'absorbed the knowledge' and memories of Isabella Faranzana, granting her access to the somewhat sparse knowledge there of the Giovanni clan disciplines. Later she again encountered this same mind in the reborn 'Isabel' who had been embraced Lasombra, but now it was 'Isabel's' memories she absorbed, imparting an understanding of the Lasombra as well. These two sets of memories combined with JewelKiss' own to create a rather odd understanding of disciplines in general, and in an attempt to salvage her sanity she began training and fine-tuning her 'wild talent'. The seeds of 'Umbracuro' were planted.
The final step came when JewelKiss (supposedly unintentionally) diablerized Erik Thorrsen, a high generation Lasombra. His blood strengthened the tendencies already present in JewelKiss from her knowledge gained from Isabel, and with her generation raised as well she began to find new disciplines gaining dominance in her blood.

When JewelKiss embraced Patrizio Ferretti to save his life, it was her own discipline that was passed along, as well as the multiply reinforced disciplines of Potence and Presence. A new bloodline was formed.

As the clan grows, all childer are taught a strict moral code that supersedes the considerations of any sect or law. Truth, Honor, and Justice are the watchwords of this clan, and each Fledgling is taught the responsibility to uphold these values.

Empathy, selflessness, and courage are valued among the Mentis, and scholarly pursuits are encouraged.

Nickname: Thought Police

Quote: I realize that subterfuge is common among our kind, but it really will save time if you are honest with me now. There are no secrets from me, and the mind holds no shadows in which you can hide...


While the matriarch of the clan spent much of her early unlife among the outcast ranks of the Caitiff, she developed a deep and abiding hatred of the Sabbat and that sect's practices. The clan now seems to hold itself primarily independent of sect, but in truth is found allied with the Camarilla more often than not.


Members of Clan Mentis tend to be young and strong in appearance, and their eyes possess an unusually deep, clear, and almost crystalline quality to their color. They tend to dress well in understated and expensive attire of modern style. All clan members wear dark gloves as a matter of convention and protection. These gloves have become a symbol of their Clan and their power.


The Mentis may make their home anywhere, but most prefer modern housing or apartments of notable size and relative seclusion.


The Mentis prefer their childer to be educated, attractive, healthy, and to have a sense of personal honor. They can come from almost any concept, though most commonly arise from the rogue or caregiver natures.

Character Creation

Mental Attributes balanced with Empathy and strong Will are the principle concerns of each Clan member when choosing a candidate for the Embrace. Bad attitudes and selfishness just don't make the grade. Talents and Knowledges are highly respected and usually form the backbone of a Mentis' Abilities.

Clan Disciplines: Potence, Presence, Umbracuro


The greatest power of the Mentis is also their greatest weakness. The discipline of Umbracuro carries with it a risk of madness that each member of the clan must guard against every waking moment. Only those with a strong Will (6 or greater) can resist absorbing the memories of every person they touch, and all members of the clan must make Will rolls each time they come in physical contact with another person (difficulty 7) not to establish contact in some way. This constant vigilance is taxing, and whenever a Mentis is touching another person, all rolls except physical ones are increased by a difficulty of 1.


The Mentis are loosely organized with an emphasis on 'family'-like structures of sire and childer. Many of the clan tend as well to be loners, but all obey the strict tenants of the clan itself.


Bloodline is held in high regard by the clan, with childer often remaining with their sire long after they have achieved status of their own. It is common to find up to three generations of Mentis in the same close region or even the same haven.


Assamite: Beware blind adherence to doctrine, the mind of a zealot is a tempting and dangerous place.

Brujah: Beware unrestrained passion, it can consume reason with fatal consequence.

Followers of Set: Beware abandoned morality, it is an empty seduction.

Gangrel: Beware the temptations of the Beast, we cannot afford such blind indulgence.

Giovanni: Beware perversion, power can be twisted into horrible guises this way.

Lasombra: Beware arrogance, our humanity is the only aspect that preserves us from monstrosity.

Malkavian: Beware madness, keep yourself centered and clear or be lost.

Nosferatu: Beware the lust for knowledge, or become a thief of minds.

Ravnos: Beware dishonesty and subterfuge, only by Truth can we maintain who and what we are and the respect of others.

Tremere: Beware the dark arts, all knowledge has a price, be sure you are prepared to pay.

Tzimisce: Beware horror and sadism, these dark passions can consume the soul and leave one a monster without hope of redemption.

Ventrue: Beware lust for power, the price far outweighs any benefit to ego gained.

Caitiff: Beware the hubris of the clans, remember that these are our lost brethren and treat them well.

Camarilla: Beware the games of prestige and power, Justice is always the first sacrifice on that altar.

Sabbat: Beware the seduction of chaos and selfishness, without moderation we are no better than horrible children. Preserve your humanity for the sake of our own sanity.


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