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by: Vorpal Bunny A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

The bloodline known as Erudites is relatively young and small compared to the other clans. It is believed to have originated in central Europe although there is some dispute over their true age. What can be said is that if any of their elder kin still exist, they have uncovered so many secrets that they no longer feel vampire society worthy or capable of knowing them. This is because to be an Erudite is to forever feel a gnawing hunger for knowledge at least as powerful as the thirst for blood. Most adapt to this by quickly mastering the arts of thaumaturgy and necromancy and sate their appetite on new rituals, although some specialize in other areas of knowledge. Sooner or later however, most Erudites will begin to wonder about the contents of a tome owned only by a Methuselah or the potency of prince's blood. Very few survive to regret it. Although the average Erudite has little knowledge of his past it does not mean other clans have not kept an eye on their affairs, although details from even these sources are almost suspiciously sketchy. However the most common theories of when the bloodline started are around the mid 17th century. Dispute about even this exists as to whether they date back just a couple of generations or have existed for much longer. No documents exist however, which place any member before around the fall of Saulot. The bloodlines founder is another mystery; some claim he was killed by the Brujah, others that he exists in a lifeless state brought on by a combination of arcane rituals. Some even say he was Galileo Galilei himself, pointing to the inquisitions attitude for proof. Some Erudites even claim responsibility for the Manhattan Project.

The Erudites organization is almost a contradiction in terms. Most wander the globe as individuals, going only where their curiosity leads them. When in a city they will generally mix in academic or arcane circles, depending on their preference and any potential students he or she meets will likely be chosen as childer. The Erudite generally leaves before The Camarilla are able to act. These unfortunate neonates will then be left with, at the most, a few tomes of ancient lore. Some however reside in large cities where they can either visit universities or use the Internet to research their pet projects and raise childer in what little spare time they have. As they age many go on to ask deeper and deeper questions such as did Caine exist? Can final death be survived? And can the dependence on blood be overcome? The Erudites skill in the arcane arts seems ideally suited to one day getting an answer to the last two questions.

Nickname: Liches

Sect: Erudites almost never have an interest in large-scale politics. Their siring practices aren't too popular with the camarilla but there are always those who would like their snooping skills directed at their enemies.

Appearance: The clothes an Erudite wears generally reflect whatever he wore in life in whatever era that was. Also a large number of them require the use of glasses.

Haven: Erudites have no formal Haven; there are as many different strategies as there are Erudites.

Background: Erudites tend to have been a mage or a science and/or philosophy student or professor at college. Although there is always the possibility of anyone being sired purely out of curiosity. Very few of them start with a very high generation though.

Character Creation: Mental abilities are generally important for Erudites just as physical and social abilities compete for neglect. That said, a small number of Erudites feed on gossip or bully their victims into divulging information. They may learn any secondary or primary path they want although the rarity of the primary path must be justified to the games master. Other than those 2 primary paths however, they can only learn Thaumaturgic or necromantic paths that they find in books, or others to teach them.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Necromancy, Thaumaturgy

Weaknesses: Erudites attraction to knowledge is so strong that they must learn one new thing in each week; this could be a dot in a knowledge, a new ritual, or anything the storyteller agrees would be at least as difficult to find out. The decision on what is to be learned is made at the start of the week and CANNOT be changed. For every night over a week that information has not been learned, the Erudite is at a -1 die to all rolls. This effect is cumulative, so after three nights the Erudite is at a -3 dice on all rolls e. t. c. As soon as the information is learned the next piece is chosen and the clock starts again for another week. It is entirely at the games masters discretion to replace the choice of the Erudite player to further the plot or serve game balance since the Erudite isn't always in full control of what he finds interesting. Upon completion of this learning, the Erudite will pass out for on average between one and five minutes during which the Erudite will feel a sensation similar to Diablerie, although much less strong and accompanied by hallucinations. The Strength of this and whether the visions are premonitions is up to how hard to obtain the knowledge was and again the games masters discretion but it is the addiction to these feelings and curiosity about the visions which keep the Erudite coming back for more.

Organization: None

Bloodlines: Due to the laxity of control of this bloodline's members there is the possibility of many offshoots. Indeed there are rumors of Erudite Antitribu who are just as driven to destroy knowledge, saying it needlessly corrupts us all. If they do exist, they have started with the knowledge of themselves.

Quote: "Really, that was such a waste of your ghouls lives. I only wished to see how you spent the hours of sunlight."

Camarilla: "Most of them have eyes in more places than I do, the difference is I keep away from people who poke me in the eye." Mr. McLean - Nosferatu
Sabbat: "What are they thinking? Madness is a means to an end, not an end in itself. That's just madness." Jim Jimson - Malkavian Antitribu
Independents: "I don't trust them. They smell like Tremere." Knightingale - Salubri

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