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Auspex: Karmic Transference

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Auspex Level 8 Variant

This power takes the abilities of simple Telepathy and Karmic Sight and galvanizes them to a point where a Vampire can completely strip-mine another's memories and knowledge, taking it for themselves.

The risks of taking on the totality of knowledge and memories of another are great, but if done successfully, an entire lifetime of wisdom and experiences can be gained in an instant.


Player must spend a permanent Willpower point before attempting this power, and then must physically place his hand upon the target's forehead for the duration of at least three rounds while performing the transfer. Player then rolls Stamina + Empathy, difficulty being the target's number of permanent Willpower. A minimum of four successes are required for Karmic Transference to take place, but whatever is learned from the minimum successes, and whatever might be gained from further successes, is completely up to the Storyteller.

Some possibilities of a successful transfer: free points in some lores the target knew; gaining extra points in some abilities the target possessed; if the target was another Vampire, perhaps the ability to learn other disciplines without a teacher, or at a lower experience cost; gaining some mental flaws/merits the target possessed; etc.

If the player botches, however, the following is the most likely (but not the only possible) result: On a botch, the Vampire does gain the "entire" mind and memory of the target, but it exists as a completely separate personality within the Vampire's mind. Essentially, the Vampire gains the derangement "Multiple Personalities," the side effects of which are up to the Storyteller's twisted discretion.

This power does no direct damage to the target, save for a brief period of dizziness after the fact, as his mind recovers itself from such a forceful probing. But, depending on how difficult (or how complete) the mental transfer was, the Vampire using this power will be unable to act for two complete rounds, as his mind adjusts itself to an additional set of memories.


Player must first spend a permanent Willpower point and then place his hand upon the target's forehead for at least three rounds while enacting this power (a Physical challenge may be required). Player then makes a Static Mental Challenge against the target's Mental traits.

From a direct or resolved win from a Win on the initial challenge: Vampire gains the target's complete set of memories and knowledge. Results are at the Storyteller's discretion.

From a resolved win after a Failure or Tie on the initial challenge: Vampire gains only a partial collection of memories and impressions from the target, the specifics of which are up to the Storyteller.

From a Failure, or a resolved Failure: Storyteller can decide whether the Vampire simply failed in scanning the target's mind, or if it would be counted as a "Botch," depending on circumstances, and if the ST is feeling particularly sadistic. The effects of a ruled "Botch" are described above but, again, the end result is up to the ST.

Side effects to the Vampire and the target remain as stated above.


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