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Daimonion: Hell's Display

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by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Daimonion Level 7 Variant

At this level of Daimoinon mastery, the Baali may assume the form of a demon lord from hell. She grows to 12 feet tall, and her skin turns into blood red scales. Her eyes become two large fiery orbs. Her knee joints invert, making her legs appear backwards, and a foot-long spike comes out of each kneecap. Large claws pop out of the now-huge hands, and each foot turns into two large toes, each as big as a man's forearm and with a large black spike on the end. Large bone protrusions form out of the skull and twist around like ram's horns. Spikes form on the creature's hands and arms, and the mouth changes into a huge maw filled with six-inch dagger-like teeth. Needless to say, this is not something to be taken lightly. Chances are that if you anger a Baali enough to use Hell's Display, your life expectancy will decrease dramatically.


The Baali spends five blood points to use Hell's Display. The transformation takes three turns. The following powers are gained: Eyes of the Beast (Protean level 1), Feral Claws (Protean level 2), and Bonecraft (Vicissitude level 3) as the monster forms large spikes on his hands and forearms. All Physical Attributes are raised by four, and Social attributes drop to zero. The claws (hands and feet) do Strength +2 aggravated damage (difficulty 6 to hit), and the bite causes Strength +3 aggravated damage (difficulty 8 to hit). If the forearm or knee spikes are used to strike an opponent, the difficulty is 7 on the Brawl roll and the damage is Strength +2 lethal. The creature gains two more Injured health levels and one more Wounded health level. Also, the creature may spit fireballs (similar to the Daimoinon level 3 power Flames of the Netherworld) from its mouth at the rate of one per turn. It uses Dexterity + Firearms (difficulty 7 to hit, modified by range) and the damage is 6 dice, aggravated.

The heat from each fireball creates a ten-foot radius around the blast point, and anything in the circle is subject to three dice of aggravated fire damage. This lasts for two turns (the target of the fireball is also subject to this heat radius, so an unlucky vampire could be looking at a lot of fire damage). Due to its tough, scaly hide, the difficulty to soak all damage is reduced by two. Stamina may be used in addition to Fortitude to soak aggravated damage from physical attacks (Protean claws, vampire bites, Lupines, etc.). The creature's skin is intensely hot, anything that touches it is subject to one die of aggravated fire damage. In addition, the monster deducts one damage level from fire after the soak roll. It has some communion with fire and brimstone, after all.


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