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Craft the Dark Altar: Level 5 Dark Thaumaturgy Ritual

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by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Whenever a servant of Hell wishes to summon or speak to her master, it is generally done through the use of an altar. Many infernalists simply find an old table and carve runes on it. A true Diabolist, though, uses a true altar.

This ritual is generally only possessed by Baali, although other infernalists have been known to use it. It creates a site of pure evil, so pure that holy figures find it difficult to enter. It also makes it easier for the caster to work her infernal magic.


This ritual requires a full month to cast. Ten blood points must be spent during this time, as the Infernalist paints diabolic sigils and glyphs on the altar, which must be made of either oak wood or stone. The thaumaturge makes an extended Intelligence + Occult roll (normal difficulty 8, reduced to 7 if the Infernalist is using Infernal Wisdom instead of Occult) every week. If, by the end of the month, 20 successes are acquired, the altar is finished. If 20 successes are not gathered or the caster skips even one night of work, the ritual fails.

Having a Dark Altar lets the Infernalist have access to several advantages. For a radius 20 feet around the altar, the Baali gets an extra die added to her Dark Thaumaturgy ritual rolls, and the difficulty for any infernal discipline roll (Dark Thaumaturgy, Daimoinon, etc.) is reduced by two. Also, the altar possesses a Dark Faith rating of one, making it more difficult for Hunters and Inquisitors to destroy it.


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