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Thaumaturgy Ritual: Damn Thy Eyes

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by: Butcher of Nod for Sanguinus Curae

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This 2nd level ritual allows the caster to temporarily impair the vision of or even blind a foe outright. Casting time is only about 15min. During the casting of this ritual, a blind mortal is bound and both of it's eyes are sucked from it's skull by the Thaumaturge (Str roll - Diff equals Stamina) The pupils are then removed and kept under the tongue or in the cheek of the Thaumaturge. Until sunrise, the Thaumaturge's breath becomes a potent means of defense. By exhaling in the face of an opponent (Strength + Occult to hit - Diff. 6), the Thaumaturge can temporarily reduce all of the targets Perception or Dexterity based dice-pools by the number of successes he/she gained on the Ritual roll. For example, 1 success subtracts 1 from the targets dice pool. 2 successes subtracts 2 and so on and so forth. If the Thaumaturge scored more successes than the target has in Stamina, he/she is blinded and has a max. dice pool of 2 for Per. and Dex. based actions. The duration for this impairment is 10 (minus target's Stamina) turns. This is not meant to be a missile weapon, only a means of defense. A botched attack roll results in the Thaumaturge being affected by the full force of his/her rancid breath.


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