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Thaumaturgy Ritual: Heathens Gate

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by: Butcher of Nod for Sanguinus Curae

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This level 4 ritual was in fact developed in the 17th century by a Thaumaturge who was constantly evading agents of the Church. The practitioner can effectively teleport to his or her Haven by invoking this simple ritual. A live dove must be doused in pitch and set ablaze in front of some sort of obstacle (trash can, tombstone, parked car, etc.). The shadow cast by the flame provides the portal by which the Thaumaturge travels to his/her destination. A combined Wits and Courage roll (diff 7) is required as the Thaumaturge is hurtled through some Nether-realm (the Abyss, Hell, the Deep Umbra, who knows). This ritual is not without its cost, however. For the remainder of the night all dice pools are halved, as the weight of the visions glimpsed during their journey are too great to ignore.


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