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Obtenebration: Forge of Darkness

by: Zinon A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Obtenebration Level 4 Variant

This power allows a vampire to craft a simple blades from the very shadows themselves. These weapons, once forged, last until sunrise, until the crafter returns the blade to shadow (same time length for bringing forth a blade), or until other mystic means destroy the blade (at storyteller's discretion, fire may also destroy the blade). The unnatural blade inflicts aggravated damage.

Opponents and onlookers must roll Perception against a difficulty of 6 to see the blade. Failure causes the onlooker to see nothing more than a shadowy blur, and a botch means the onlooker cannot distinguish the blade from any of the other shadows around. Mortals (and weak-willed vampires) must succeed on a Courage roll (difficulty 6) on seeing the weapon or suffer terror as per other uses of Obtenebration.

To forge a blade, the character must decide the desired size and shape first, then spend 1 blood point per foot in length (round up) the blade will be. They must then reach physically into a shadow (usually a hand, but a small blade may be drawn with just two fingers). The amount of time it takes to draw the blade from the shadow is relative to the size of the shadow it is drawn from. For example, it takes only one turn to draw a three-foot sword from the thick shadows beneath a table, but drawing a one-foot dagger from the shadow a hand casts requires 3 turns. Past the first turn, the vampire must spend a willpower point for each turn it takes to fully withdraw the blade.

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