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Presence: Empathic Projection

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Presence Level 6 Variant

Sometimes, all that is required to get the job done is a sympathetic ear... or a room full of them.

Masters of the emotion-bending power of Presence can radiate their emotions to such a powerful degree that others in their vicinity begin to exhibit those emotions as well.

When needing a general agreement among a group, or just wanting others to see things their way, a Vampire can impart their feelings to others covertly, garnering a virtual group mentality, which almost always results in unified action.



No roll is required from the player enacting this power. Like Majesty, the player simply needs to spend a Willpower point, and declare the foremost emotion her character is feeling (and hopefully roleplaying) at that time. Anyone within the Vampire's line of sight must make a Willpower roll, the difficulty being their own character's Perception + Empathy.

Success blocks the Vampire's emotions from being imparted. The character will have a slight "ghost" of emotion in the back of his mind, but it is nothing that cannot be ignored outright.

Anyone who fails, however, is overtaken with the declared emotion, exactly as the Vampire is feeling it, and will be more inclined to agree with the Vampire should she make a statement or offer a suggestion during the time of mutual feeling.

The effects of this power last for the duration of the scene in which it was used.


The player declares her intention to use this power, and which foremost emotion her character is going to project. The player spends a Willpower point. Anyone within her vicinity will experience the declared emotion, but they may attempt to resist by spending a Willpower trait and making a Social challenge against the Vampire.

However, when fighting this particular power, anyone attempting to resist it in a Social challenge is down a number of Social traits equal to the number of points they might have in the Empathy ability. This is because those who are more empathetic are more susceptible to being overtaken by such powerfully projected emotions.

The effects of this power last for the scene or an hour, whichever comes first.


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