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Sanguinus: Link

by: Reno Camilani A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Sanguinus Level Six Variant

Some Blood Brothers, through diablerie, have managed to lower their generations enough to learn a sixth dot in Sanguinus. There are also those rare non-Blood Brother Sabbat that decide to learn Sanguinus, and their generation is low enough to learn advanced manifestations of disciplines. Either way, the Sanguinus power Link functions as an enhanced version of Gestalt, with more advantages.


Each vampire in the vicinity of the person activating Link (including the activater) spends a blood point if they want to "jack in." The Linker has the final say on who and who not may be in, though. A successful Link confers the following advantages, including the ones present for Gestalt:

-- Any vampire within the link may delegate health levels to other members of the Link. For instance, a Brother gets nailed with some Lupine claws, inflicting 8 levels of aggravated damage. He may spread the damage out to the other members, who all do their own soak rolls. At least one health level must remain for the original attackee, though. Vampires receiving health levels in this manner may not refuse to take the levels - she has to deal with them. Also, Kindred in the circle may take health levels of damage from another, to "lighten the load."

-- Disciplines may be loaned to others just like Abilities are at Sanguinus Level Three. Mental disciplines possessed by Linked vampires, like Auspex, may be used by all the members in the circle freely. Generation limits still work, though. A 12th-generation vampire can't use Auspex level 6.

-- A communal dice pool is made up for all the vampires in the circle to use. There is one die automatically, plus one for each member who links (i.e., a group of five linked vampires has a dice pool of 6). These dice may be used by any member of the circle for any action involving an Attribute or Ability. The pool replenishes itself every turn, and a vampire must leave at least one die in the pool when she uses some (unless there's only one die left).

The powers of Link last for one scene.

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