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Thanatosis: Grave Nasties

by: Reno Camilani A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Thanatosis Level 7 Variant

Grave Nasties is a repulsive facet of the powers of Thanatosis. When it is used, the Samedi turns into a roiling, writhing mass of maggots and carrion worms. The mass of bugs smells like two-week old roadkill. Characters in this form generally scare away opponents through sheer shock value (as if Samedi didn't already look bad enough). Because there are literally hundreds of the creatures, destroying the entire mass is a difficult proposition. Many Samedi shun the use of this power, but some of the more liberal (or sadistic) ones rather like it.


The character using Grave Nasties spends three blood points and two turns transforming. In maggot form, the character may make generally any shape he desires, from an undulating white mass of a dog to a grinning, writhing pumpkin head. Attacks on the mass have their difficulty reduced by one, but agile Samedi may try to "dodge" melee weapon attacks by moving the maggots around the weapon, so that it cuts a swath through thin air. This takes a Dexterity + Dodge roll (difficulty 9, each dot in Celerity counts as an automatic success). Every success reduces the opponent's melee successes by one. Successful attacks on the mass may be soaked with only Fortitude, but the mass has a full 25 health levels with no wound penalties. These health levels may not be regained until the Samedi reforms, then turns back. The character is still affected by fire and sunlight while in this form. The worms may move at a rate of five feet per turn, plus an additional two feet for every dot of Potence the character has (i.e., three dots of Potence allows the worms to move at a rate of 11 feet per turn). The Samedi may burrow into dirt or other soft surfaces (the image of a mass of maggots burrowing into a grave to hide comes to mind) at the rate of one foot per turn plus an additional foot for each dot in Potence. Obviously, Potence is required for fast getaways while in Grave Nasties form. The mass may attempt to attack an opponent, rolling Dexterity + Potence (difficulty 7). Each success confers a soakable level of lethal damage on the adversary as the maggots bite and chew their way through his skin.

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