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Path of the Desert Sand
(Assamite Sorcery)

by: Eric Castro A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Assamites, rulers of the desert by far, have grown in touch with that land which they call home through their use of sorcery. This is one example of how the masters of the desert have gained their notoriety.

With this power the vampire can cause any lose dirt, sand or gravel of a large enough quantity to envelop the target, effectively burying him alive. Under normal circumstances the target can dig his way out with a little effort.
System: The amount of sand corresponds with how much you can bury at any one time. One foot of lose sand might cause a tripping hazard or slow a pursuer, eight feet will bury anyone standing up. The first turn buried causes no damage, but each turn thereafter causes one point of damage cumulative as the mortal suffocates. Although this is little more than an inconvenience to non-breathing vampires.

Whisper of the Desert Wind ●●
It is said that the Assamites are a well communicated clan, this spell validates that claim. With this an Assamite's voice can travel hundreds of miles at sub-audiable tones, eventually reaching it's target and sounding like a whisper only the intended recipient can hear. Sentences can be simple or complex, but as long as the spell succeeds the target will get the message.
System: Distance and amount of message is dependent upon how many successes are rolled at the time of casting.

1 Across a room A word
2 A mile A simple phrase
3 10 miles Standard sentence
4 100 miles Paragraph
5+ Any distance A complete thought

Flight of the Djinn ●●●
Flight of the Djinn allows the caster to summon a 'Dust Devil' large enough to lift the sorcerer into the air and take her wherever she may wish. The sorcerer is totally concealed by the cyclone as they travel, as well as defended with flying debris.
System: This costs two blood points to use. The Thaumaturgist is encompassed in a small 'tornado,' standing in the eye. The sorcerer does not spin. The tornado has an effective armor 3 and anyone within melee distance has to worry about debris as the tornado hurls objects about hitting with a tremendous force at the caster's command. The caster can travel at a stunning 45 mph.

Desert Extremes ●●●●
With this ability the Thaumaturgist summons either the searing heat of the noon day sun, or the freezing cold of the desert nights, all in a contained area about six foot radius. The heat enough to strip the water from even a vampire's vitae, and the cold enough for hypothermia to set in, all in the matter of moments.
System: The caster spends three blood points and designates which extreme they wish to use, heat or cold. The caster and target then make a contested stamina roll, Difficulty 8, if the target wins, the temperature has no effect on him. If the caster wins one of two things will happen, depending upon the chosen extreme:
Cold = The target loses a number of wounds equal to the successes gained by the caster.
Heat = The target loses a number of Blood Points equal to the successes gained by the caster.

Summon the Storm ●●●●●
This ability allows the Assamite to summon and control a fierce storm appropriate to the area. (i.e., A sand storm for the desert, tornados for plains) this way the assassin can conceal himself. This is the pinnacle proof of the Assamites touch with the lands.
System: The player spends 3 blood points and a willpower point at the casting of the spell, summoning a storm of such intensity all within the storm must make a courage roll to stay in the storm, else seek the nearest shelter. The player can increase the size of the storm by a 10 mile radius for every willpower point spent after the first. Only the summoner is unaffected by the blinding conditions of the storm. All except the spellcaster must make wits roll, difficulty 7, 9 if using Auspex, in order to shield their eyes enough to see through the storm and debris.

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