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Thaumaturgy Path: Panacea

by: Reno Camilani A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

A Lasombra Antitribu skilled in Thaumaturgy formulated this path. He had been in the Sabbat for years, and knew the value of good healing. After years of studying Sanguinus, Obeah, Mage sphere Magick, and the Lupine regeneration ability, the Lasombra created Panacea to heal his Kindred brethren.

With this path, a vampire may repair wounds in Kindred around him. This differs from other healing Disciplines in that it is meant to be fast-acting, and therefore more suitable for combat. This can be very handy during a battle, especially against other creatures that heal quickly.

Note: This path is intended for characters of relatively low generation. Vampires who can use two blood points or less each turn are encouraged to seek Obeah or Sanguinus. And, since use of this power more or less mystically transfers blood from the caster to the target, it is useless on anything besides Kindred. Also keep in mind that Panacea is not a Tremere path, and as such is likely to be rare.


The number of successes on the Willpower roll determines how far away the caster may be from the target. This is a double-edged sword. On one hand, the thaumaturge may be a considerable distance from the target and heal him. On the other hand, if the caster doesn't get enough successes to reach him, he'll have to pick another target. Also note that the caster may use this path on herself.

1 success: Touch
2 successes: 5 feet
3 successes: 15 feet
4 successes: 30 feet
5 successes: 50 feet

Additional successes beyond five let the caster extend the distance by 25 feet per success. Line of sight, telepathic link, Sanguinus coordination, or another sensory Discipline is required for Panacea to work.

On a successful roll, the caster may heal as many bashing health levels of damage on one target as he can in one turn (i.e., a tenth-generation vampire may heal one health level per evoke, a sixth-generation may heal six levels, etc) by spending one point of blood per wound level healed.

Anesthesia ●●
This power lets the target ignore wound penalties, provided the damage is bashing or lethal. One wound penalty may be ignored for every blood point spent by the thaumaturge. This power lasts for a scene.

Mend ●●●
Mend works just as Bind above, but with lethal damage.

Repair ●●●●
Same thing as with Mend, but with aggravated damage.

Delegate ●●●●●
At this level of mastery, the caster may heal more than one individual, whether the damage is bashing, lethal, or aggravated. The healer may spread her per-turn blood points around to whoever she wishes, but is still limited to the amount of successes achieved on the Willpower roll.

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