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Frigus Incendium
Level 1 Thaumaturgy Ritual

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by: Bjorn Townsend for Sanguinus Curae

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Despite their foreboding and serious reputation, some Tremere still cling to notions of both style and romance. However, as the saying goes, romance needs candlelight, and no Chantry is complete without hundreds of dripping candles. The problems with having sources of open flame burning constantly in an area filled with vampires, however, are obvious. Therefore this ritual was created. Once cast upon a candle or other source of flame, the object will burn until the casting thaumaturge wills it to stop. However, the flame will produce no heat whatsoever. Otherwise, it appears to be a perfectly ordinary candle. This ritual can also be cast on the logs in a fireplace, but requires more power to fuel it and therefore greater expenditure of blood. Kindred will still suffer the effects of Rotschreck if they are in close proximity to the flame, unless they are aware of its nature. For instance, a member of an invading Sabbat war party will still shy away from a torch lit with Frigus Incendium, but one of the resident Tremere will not.



This simple ritual requires little preparation and can be cast quickly. The materials required are one candle, torch or fireplace log, seven ice cubes, and a length of silver wire. The ritual requires three minutes to cast, and involves wrapping the wire around the ice cubes and placing the object upon which the ritual is being cast in the center while repeating a phrase invoking spirits of light and cold. The caster must spend one blood point to light a candle or torch, and two to light a fireplace log. The caster's player must roll the standard Thaumaturgy roll, difficulty six (regardless of the size of the object to be lit).


The same as above, though the caster must instead bid one mental trait in a static mental challenge.


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