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New Thaumaturgy Rituals

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by: Saras for Sanguinus Curae

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Son of the Devil (Level 5 Thaumaturgy Ritual)

The workings of this sick blood magic are thusly so:

Using the following conditions, the caster can revive the ability to produce sperm for short periods of time, thus being able to reproduce. The results of this ritual are often, if not always, horrific and disastrous.

The vampire wishing to enact this ritual must obtain a variety of material components:

  • A large fresh and healthy sperm sample

  • Relative items of fertility and aphrodisiac properties

  • A borderline overdose amount of cocaine

  • A dosage of Viagra

  • Fresh blood from a newly born child

  • 10 Blood Points from the Caster

The following procedures are used to create a blood potion known as Damien's Spirit that the vampire must drink before impregnating a viable target.

Damien's Spirit must be prepared and created in a room filled with items reminding the vampire of Humanity and life.

Step One

The vampire must prepare a large cauldron heated by fire; the temperature is applied to keep the potion warm (somewhere near body temperature).

10 of the vampire's Blood Pool must be emptied into the cauldron.

Step Two

At least two foodstuffs with the properties of aphrodisiacs need to be ground into a paste within the aura of an item of fertility (various cultures have a variety of objects that represent fertility).

The product of this step should then be placed into the cauldron and thoroughly stirred; the unfinished concoction will then emit a steam that should be allowed to bathe the vampire.

Step Three

The dosage of Viagra should be crushed using a marble pestle and mortar and the powdered cocaine should be applied to the drug. The two combined must be ground until they imitate a sugar like substance then the sperm sample must also be applied.

Empty the contents of the pestle into the cauldron.

Step Four

A newly born child must have its one point of blood drained from the jugular into the cauldron. With its blood goes its essence and the formula is completed. (Those Thaumaturges with Spirit Thaumaturgy may wish to use Spirit Eyes as such a sacrifice often causes anger in the ethereal realm.)

Step Five

The rather unpalatable mixture will assume a pure blood form, which must be drunk within a given time of the ritual being completed.

The vampire must roll Wits+Occult Difficulty 8; the number of successes determines the longevity of the potion.





The potion lasted less than a second and is useful


The potion lasts one minute


3 minutes


10 minutes


30 minutes


1 hour (this is the maximum longevity of the potion)

After the potion is consumed, the vampire must make a soak roll (difficulty 7) against 7 dice damage. The vampire will be enshrouded by pain and the potion shall course through his veins, causing his muscles to convulse and seize for anywhere up to an hour. After this time, the vampire is imbued with the reverse of his pain and is overcome with passion and euphoria. This feeling will last for a number of hours depending upon the number of dots the vampire has in Stamina (1 for 1) and Fortitude (2 for 1). For the aforementioned time, the vampire has the ability to make any female of the mortal equivalent species pregnant, although the pregnancy will not be as if it was mortal.

(Female menstrual cycle plays in full effect when trying to bring on pregnancy.)

The vampire will feel the orgasm and enjoy sexual intercourse for the first time since his embrace but after the ritual is over, the vampire will be unable to heal any wounds for 10 days minus his Stamina+Fortutude.

The ritual ends with an overwhelming feeling of depression that fades with the inability to heal wounds. If the subject should fall pregnant, then the consequences should be left to the discretion of the Storyteller.

Reflection of Stubborn Eyes (Level 4 Thaumaturgy Ritual)

This ritual can be used upon the caster or a victim/patient at a higher difficulty. The basic premise of this ritual is the resistance of the Dominate discipline. The ritual requires several components and considerable time and concentration.

The caster will need to acquire the following short list of components:

  • A substantially sized mirror or reflective surface (which must be solid i.e. the surface of a liquid could not be used)

  • Freshly removed eyes from a human victim

  • A reasonable quantity of opaque liquid with staining properties, (Indian Ink is ideal)

  • 3 points of blood from a vessel born to this world without the power of sight

  • A large candle

Step One

The first procedure of this ritual is to prepare a potion known as "Blindman’s Blood." This can be achieved in the following manner: A cauldron needs to be prepared so the components can be heated to body temperature via a naked flame. Once the cauldron is at the correct temperature, the blood from the blind needs to be placed into the cauldron, along with the selected opaque liquid, the freshly cut eyes, and 10 Blood Points of blood from the caster or victim. This concoction needs to be heated until it achieves mortal human body temperature. When the cauldron starts to curdle its contents, the liquid needs to be contained in an insulated vial.


The vampire must make an Int + Brewing* roll (Difficulty 7 if prepared for caster, Difficulty 10 if prepared for someone else); the number of successes determines the potency of the "Blindman’s Blood" and the level of Dominate that can be resisted.



Level of Resistance











5+ Successes

1 hour (this is the maximum longevity of the potion)

Regardless of the above, the level of resistance cannot exceed the level of the vampire's highest Thaumaturgical path.

Step Two

The second procedure is one of mental strengthening and conjuration of the resistance to Dominate. The caster needs to set himself a seat before the reflective surface. Then the candle needs to be set at eye level between the caster’s position and the reflective surface. The caster then needs to prepare himself for a lengthy ordeal. The candle must be lit and the caster must consume the "Blindman’s Blood." The consumption of such a liquid can often cause internal damage to the vampire if the body cannot separate the substance from the blood. The vampire must make a soak roll (difficulty 8) against 7 dice damage (difficulty 6). If the vampire is hardy enough to survive this consumption, then he must move on to the third step of the ritual.

Step Three

The vampire must affix his gaze into his own eyes within the reflective surface, staring across the naked flame of the lit candle. The vampire's face must be no further than six inches away from the flame for the ritual to work. The vampire must then spend two points of Willpower. After the expenditure of Willpower, the vampire must make a series of Courage rolls until he obtains 20 successes (difficulty 6). Each roll that is made takes 30 minutes. In the result of no successes in a Courage roll, the difficulty is increased by one. If a consecutive roll scores no successes, then the difficulty keeps rising. In the event of a botch, the vampire frenzies and ruins the ritual. If the vampire succeeds all 20-Courage successes, then the ritual works to the effectiveness of step one. The resistance works for two nights but can be boosted with the additional expenditure of Willpower (one point of Willpower will increase the ritual duration for one day).

If the ritual is successful, then the vampire’s eyes will glaze over with a reflective surface and anyone staring into them will be gripped with disgust and fear. The vampire will be completely immune to the Dominate discipline, according to the potency of the "Blindman’s Blood."


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