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New Thaumaturgy Rituals

by: Benedira A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Voice of Reason (Level 2 Ritual)
With this ritual, the thaumaturge stands a greater chance of beguiling an individual into believing them. Once under this enchantment the subject will accept almost anything the thaumaturge says as reasonable truth, even if prior to the enchantment she knew the truth to be otherwise.
System: To perform this ritual, the caster must have an image or effigy of the target. This ritual requires three hours to cast, reduced by 15 minutes for each success on the roll. The thaumaturge must bite off the end of their own tongue, doing one level of aggravated damage that cannot be soaked. The tongue is spit on the image of the target, and ritual lasts for one night or until the tongue is removed from the image.
To disbelieve anything the caster says, the target must score more successes on a Willpower roll (difficulty is caster's Thaumaturgy rating +3) than the caster scored for the ritual. This roll must be made for each statement or suggestion the target might wish to disbelieve. The target will continue to believe the things said by the caster after the ritual has worn off, until circumstance or evidence convinces them otherwise.

Sanguine Shield (Level 3 Ritual)
The primary purpose of this ritual is to prevent the caster from being blood bound, though a few other uses have been discovered for it as well.
System: A small amount of ash from burnt holly must be mixed with the caster's blood to create a paste. After the proper words are spoken, the caster coats the underside of her tongue with this paste. For each success on the roll, thirty minutes of protection is provided the thaumaturge. The effects of this ritual are negated if the caster embibes anything between the time that the ritual is performed and the time they swallow the vitae they wish to be protected from. This means human blood, their own blood, or any other liquid. This ritual requires one hour to perform.

Malleable Visage (Level 3 Ritual)
This ritual grants the caster the ability to change one cosmetic physical aspect of self permanently. These changes may include permanently healing abrasions or removing telling birthmarks or scars, changing hair color or length, changing eye color or shape, etc.
This ritual will not allow major wounds such as broken bones or internal damage to be healed, nor can it change things such as overall height, weight or sex.
Because of the unchanging tendency of the body vampiric, this ritual may only be enacted once every two months. Over time however, this ritual could be used to completely remake the Thaumaturge's appearance.
System: The Thaumaturge must create a likeness of self from red clay, imbuing it with one blood point as they fashion it. While the effigy need not be precise or artistic, the feature to be changed must be clearly depicted. Once this likeness is formed the next hour must be spent remaking the feature to be changed, and again the final goal must be clearly depicted on the effigy as well as clearly visualized. This ritual takes at least one hour to perform, plus the time it takes the Thaumaturge to create the clay likeness.
The likeness may be stored for later use, as a side effect of this ritual is the creation of a 'voodoo doll' perfectly attuned to the caster. Those who do not wish to leave such a powerful item in existence must place the doll somewhere that it can be struck by the noonday sun, which will effectively 'burn' the Thaumaturge's blood away and leave the effigy with no power over them.

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