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Visceratika: Wing Flutter

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by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Visceratika Level Six Variant

The Gargoyles have long had powerful wings, enabling them to fly very fast and get the drop on their foes. Coupled with Potence and Fortitude, the Gargoyles are almost unstoppable in combat. This power gives them another edge. While it may sound dainty, Wing Flutter is the opposite. The Gargoyle beats her wings with as much force as she can muster, then slowly rotates in a circle. The force of the wings is similar to helicopter rotors. Any objects in the vicinity not bolted firmly down to the ground (like Kindred) get lifted off their feet and thrown rather ungracefully away from the Gargoyle. Enterprising 'Rockheads' use this power as they fly over their enemies, smashing them into the concrete or whatever else they're standing on.


The Gargoyle spends two blood points and begins beating her wings. The player adds up his Flight + Potence; this is the distance in yards that the objects get thrown next turn. For example, a Gargoyle has Flight 3 and Potence 4 and uses Wing Flutter. The wind buffets stop at a distance of 7 yards from the Gargoyle. Anything within a 21-foot radius around the character would get deposited outside the radius. A person one yard away from the kindred would get physically picked up by the winds and thrown 18 feet (and will probably get bashed by a wing on his way out), while a person 20 feet away from the Gargoyle might just get a forceful shove outside the circle.

For every five feet a person travels before they land, they take two levels of soakable bashing damage from the sheer velocity of the winds (i.e., a person thrown 17 feet takes six levels of bashing damage). Individuals with objects in their hands must make a Strength roll (difficulty 7, Potence counts) and score at least three successes or the item gets thrown out of their grip. A character may try to stay within the radius for the duration of the power, but it takes a successful Strength roll (difficulty 10, this is reduced to 8 if he can grab onto something solid like a parking meter, or digs his claws into the ground. Two successes are required. If one success is gained, the person starts sliding away from the Gargoyle. He may try to roll again next turn. Potence counts as automatic successes on this roll, but only if the person has something to hang on to). The Gargoyle may keep this power in effect for as long as she wishes, but must spend a blood point every turn it is used. Individuals trying to hold onto something must roll Strength again every turn this is used.


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